GBP/USD Pivot Points

Please check the daily pivot points for GBP/USD and also the associated resistance and support levels. The calculations for the daily pivots are done as per the opening and closing prices at GMT 00:00. We update Fibonacci, Woodie and camarilla pivot points along with the most commonly used standard pivot points for GBP/USD.

Daily Pivots and supports and resistances for GBP/USD

Last Updated (Wednesday, 20 August 2014 02:35) GMT

Standard Pivot Point for GBP/USD Fibonacci Pivot Point for GBP/USD Woodie Pivot Point for GBP/USD Camarilla Pivot Point for GBP/USD
R3 1.6808 R3 1.6767     R3 1.6652
R2 1.6767 R2 1.6723 R2 1.6759 R2 1.6642
R1 1.6694 R1 1.6697 R1 1.6678 R1 1.6631
Pivot 1.6653 Pivot 1.6653 Pivot 1.6645 Pivot 1.6653
S1 1.658 S1 1.6609 S1 1.6564 S1 1.6611
S2 1.6539 S2 1.6583 S2 1.6531 S2 1.66
S3 1.6466 S3 1.6539     S3 1.659
Open 1.6722 Open 1.6722 Open 1.6722 Open 1.6722
High 1.6726 High 1.6726 High 1.6726 High 1.6726
Low 1.6612 Low 1.6612 Low 1.6612 Low 1.6612
Close 1.6621 Close 1.6621 Close 1.6621 Close 1.6621

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