Real-Time Online Point And Figure Charts

We have seen in the Point and Figure chart guide that these charts can be a very effective way to see the true picture of the price action by avoiding unnecessary market noises or insignificatnt market moves. However, manually drawing P&F charts can be a time consuming job as we need to keep on doing it with ever changing price-action. The other issue is that most of the trading platforms do not offer real-time point and figure charts. You may use the following online point and figure charts with real-time price-action data.

You may draw the trend-lines, using the menu bar on the left hand side for your chart analysis in real-time.

For changing the currency pair, please type the currency code in the top left hand side field of the chart.

Apart from Forex charts, you may also check other commodities or stocks etc. You may also select the time-frame of your chart from the top menu bar.

Online Forex Point and Figure chart

Do click on the detach button () on the top-right hand side to detach the chart to see it in larger size.


In order to move the chart to left or right hand side, simply click on the above Point & Figure chart and drag the mouse to the desired direction. This way you will be able to see the price-action on the either side, if that is hidden in the above online P&F chart.

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