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Forex Pivot Points
Pivot points are used for determining the possible resistance and support levels very commonly. Calculate the pivot point for any time frame by using this free online pivot point calculator:


Correlation Calculator @ Currency Correlation
Though we update currency correlation with graphical representation of changing values but you may calculate the same for your desired time frame by using this free online tool.

Pip Value Calculator
What does 1 pip costs in your account currency when you are trading with some currency pair which does not have the currency in which you maintain your account. You can use this free calculator to determine the value of your 1 pip.

Position Size Calculator
Risk Management is the most important part of trading. You take a position which is bigger than the risk management allows in general or considering your risk appetite and it may cause some serious losses. Use this trading tool to calculate the position size you should take considering your account size and risk appetite.

You may also check Margin calculation.

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