GBP/JPY Analysis - Feb 11, 2014

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GBP/JPY analysis - hourly chart

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GBP/JPY technical analysis - daily chart


GBP/JPY Daily Technical Analysis

Current Exchange Rate: 168.40 at the time of analysis update.

Intraday outlook: mildly bullish outlook.

GBP/JPY's Latest Analysis (February 11, 2014): The strong upward jump which broke over the expected resistance of 167.77 to 168.34 zone makes the outlook mildly bullish. However the current price-action is struggling against the 22-day EMA. On the upside any break over 168.50 should target the 55-day EAM resistance i.e. 168.80. However, we remain cautious for the upside because the approaching psychological level of 170.00 may cause some unexpected and volatile moves, Saying that we wish to add that overall we expect that the possibilities of further gains are more than another significant fall. 

On the upside any decisive break over 169.30 will come as the second indication that the consolidation might already ve over and we can now focus back towards upside. However on the downside 167.20 will come as an indication for a possible drop towards 166.60 or more.

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GBP/JPY Interest Rate Comparison
(For Carry Trade)
Pound sterling (GBP) interest rate
Japanese yen (JPY) interest rate
GBP/JPY interest Rate Comparison

GBP/JPY Resistance and Support with Daily Pivot Points (Values at GMT 00:00)

Last Updated (Wednesday, 26 August 2015 02:32) GMT

Standard Pivot Point for GBP/JPY Fibonacci Pivot Point for GBP/JPY Woodie Pivot Point for GBP/JPY Camarilla Pivot Point for GBP/JPY
R3 192.86 R3 191.43     R3 187.23
R2 191.43 R2 189.87 R2 191.12 R2 186.86
R1 188.77 R1 188.9 R1 188.16 R1 186.48
Pivot 187.34 Pivot 187.34 Pivot 187.03 Pivot 187.34
S1 184.68 S1 185.78 S1 184.07 S1 185.74
S2 183.25 S2 184.81 S2 182.94 S2 185.36
S3 180.59 S3 183.25     S3 184.99
Open 187.36 Open 187.36 Open 187.36 Open 187.36
High 190.00 High 190.00 High 190.00 High 190.00
Low 185.91 Low 185.91 Low 185.91 Low 185.91
Close 186.11 Close 186.11 Close 186.11 Close 186.11

Notes and caution about Forex analysis for GBP/JPY

The daily GBP/JPY analysis is not just based on technical indicators but also takes into account the overall price action and other aspects which can affect the Forex market in general and GBP/JPY price action specifically. Please also note that many times the price mentioned at the time of analysis update maybe different than the entry level suggested. These positions would mean limit orders for buying or short-selling. Hence please do not treat this analysis just as trading signals for GBP/JPY.

However, please note that the analysis reflects our views about the currency market based various factors. Forex trading is a speculative market and the price may always have unpredictable moves. We cannot take the responsibility for any losses dues to and positions taken based on our views.

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