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ForexAbode adds the functionality of RSS service by RSS feeds. You can now get updated forex analysis and other contents like daily pivot point resistance and supports and changing values of currency correlations etc, by selecting the Forex RSS feeds. You may also subscribe using different RSS Aggregators using the following direct links:

Daily Technical Analysis

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Weekly Forex Analysis

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Fundamental Outlook

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Technical Indicators

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Daily Forex Pivot Points

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About RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) gets you the updated contents of the pages without visiting the website to look for the updates. offers RSS feeds for the daily and weekly forex analysis and other relevant frequently updated sections as mentioned in the selection area.

Using RSS?

Various aggregators or news readers are available by which you can use the RSS. These News Readers or aggregators are nothing but applications which enables you to collect and display the feeds on your computer. Most of these news readers are free which you can download and install on your machine. Some of these are web based and does not need any download. Some of the popular news readers (RSS Aggregators) are as follows:


Signing up for RSS feed


Just select the updates which interest you and click the “Send button”. You will now reach the next page of the feed and there you will find “Subscribe to this feed” link at the top. You will also find a checkbox if you wish to add it to your favorites.

Other Options for getting updates

RSS is not the only option to get updates from ForexAbode, you may sign up for the News Letter to get email alerts whenever the forex analysis is updated.

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