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GBP/USD Technical Analysis: June 5, 2017

PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:48 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The GBPUSD declined on Friday and face through some volatility as the U.S. employment figures released with a lower than anticipated results.

The market now appeared to hover below the 1.29 handle considered as a major level. The ability to break on top of the said region would lead the market towards 1.3050 area which provided a significant resistance.

Buying on the dips remain to be the most suitable way in playing the market beneath 1.2850 that has been offering an amount of support. Meanwhile, a break over 1.29 range would trigger a continuous higher movement. In the long term, buyers will still get involved and show further strength sooner or later.

Headline risk could still remain since concerns regarding British exit keep forging ahead. This might influence the sterling in any moment. Ultimately, the pair can find a bottom upon staying beyond the level 1.2750.

Moreover, the built-in bid resumes in regards to the GBP. An attempt to move ahead the 1.3450 handle should be done. However, lots of issues and concerns surrounds the British economy, therefore it may take some time to reach the target. Selling is ruled out except when we cut through down the 1.2750 area.

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EUR/USD Technical Analysis: June 5, 2017

PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 10:42 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The EURUSD moved through an upward direction on Friday after the release of weak data on employment report. The U.S yields further weakened as prices ascended at a faster pace compared with the European bonds. This made the euro lure attraction of investors prior the ECB meeting scheduled next week.

The European producer price manifested stronger figures, beating expectation which paved the way for a higher rate on the pair. The pair had broken out on the back of a bull flag formation which serves as a pause to refresh higher.

The prices increased by 1.1282 region just shy of 1.1299 close to November 8 highs. The next resistance target is found at the mark 1.1365 near the highs of August 2016. The support reached 1.1206 area around the 10-day moving average.

The momentum came in neutral while the MACD histogram printed nearby the zero-index level whereas the index appeared to be in a flat trajectory suggesting for a consolidation.

NZD/USD Technical Analysis: June 6, 2017

PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:44 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The New Zealand broke in the lower channel during the Monday session. Later, the trend bounced off to fill the gap then declined again. There is massive support found in the 0.71 below which triggered the market to rise again as it reached the former break level. Currently, the market is attempting to move higher as it gains momentum to reach the 0.7150 region which would hint a bullish sentiment.

The market could also retreat from this level towards the 0.71 handle once more. Overall, there will be high volatility and persist for some time in the market since the New Zealand dollar is relative to commodities market which always changes. Hence, the currency is expected to be traded with a choppy environment.

Buying on the lows is advisable for this pair and is not surprising for them to return as the trend moves in a downtrend. However, shorting this pair may not be the best move. If the price breaks lower than the 0.71 handle, the next move would be to go downward toward the 0.7050 level.

Nevertheless, the market will be very choppy driven by geopolitical risks and in consideration of its sensitivity opting the U.S. dollars as a safety currency while the kiwi being the riskier one in this pair. Volatility is also anticipated to persist in either direction it goes.

GBP/JPY Technical Analysis: June 6, 2017

PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:52 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The British pound against the Japanese yen broke on the lower side during the Monday session which was upturned indicating bullishness in the trend. It is directed towards the 143 level and higher up that fills the gap. There is a robust resistance seen in the previous trades that makes the reversal unexpected. However, if the price is set higher, this would persist to an elevated level pointed to the 144 region.

It is anticipated to have volatility for this pair regardless of the next move since the market is in a “risk on” or “risk off” sentiment. Moreover, the British elections worsen the situation as it affected the British currency that brings unpredictability in the market until the election on Thursday. Other global economic concerns will also affect the trend.

Volatility is the current focal point of the market and if it gaps more than the 143 region, more buying opportunities will come out for the market. However, if the election polls showed conservatives leading in Britain, this push this pair aimed higher with chances to break higher than the 144 region then shift towards the 145 handle.

Traders should not expect that trading this pair would be easy that makes trades on small positions to be ideal for this pair or one could opt to wait in the sidelines as GBP/JPY is one of the pairs risky to position in the market.

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NZD/USD Technical Analysis: June 7, 2017

PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 8:28 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The NZDUSD rallied amid trades on Tuesday and broke the level on top of 0.7150 smoothly. The Kiwi dollar continued to search for buyers on dips and tend to handle some pullback as an opportunity to increase rate.

The market tried to touch the region above 0.72, en route 0.75 afterwards. As shown in the chart, the area around 0.71 handle provides a lot of support and regarded to be the floor of the market in the near-term uptrend. The commodity space continues to weigh on the market and the NZD seems to be the “barometer” towards the overall sentiment of futures trading. Watch closely for the commodity because it could possibly show the way.

It could be a good move to buy dips moving forward because it suits the current status of the New Zealand currency. Selling remains impossible as far as we breach under the 0.71 mark. A successful break down prompts the market to reach the range below 0.7050 which is very supportive previously, along with the 0.70 region. In any case, the market remains to be volatile, however, the moving averages came in reliable, particularly the 48-hour MA shown in green color, hence it should offer further buying opportunities.

The volatility driven market persists, but the late impulsivity indicates that buyers begin to develop more confident as it moves ahead. Moreover, the dips will provide value which is an advantage to market participants.

GBP/USD Technical Analysis: June 7, 2017

PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 9:53 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The GBPUSD had attempted to rally yesterday, however, retreated to the level 1.2950 to return underneath the 1.29 handle. In the past few sessions, the market appeared to have a little bit of overall bullish pressure, waiting for the results of UK elections expected tomorrow. In this case, the market will probably experience choppiness and unprepared to conduct a significant move yet. Short-term volatility is predicted along with some choppy spots but a general ascending momentum should also be anticipated. It does not mean that a pull cannot be accomplished, it only implies that longer-term charts and the range below 1.2750 should offer massive support that will surely lure the attention of the majority of market participants.

After the session on Friday, the long-term outlook for the pair shall be available as it could be very difficult from this moment and the next.

Buying the dips remains to be the best option for the Cable but the dips showed to be somewhat steep. You should have got small positions as of now and after the election results in order to acquire lesser damage that might suddenly arise.

Markets have lots of speculation regarding the election decision, therefore a cool level head should be maintained as this is crucial for the following sessions.

In the longer-term, the pair might break the 1.3050 mark as it allows the market move higher freely, or maybe reach its long-term target found at the region 1.3450.

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GBP/JPY Technical Analysis: June 9, 2017

PostPosted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:21 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The British pound paired against the Japanese yen had a volatile session during the Thursday session. This is not surprising because of the U.K. parliamentary elections. Although, traders are not sure what is the general attitude of the market regarding Brexit leaving uncertainty in investors.

Towards the end of the day, the pair rallies forward with 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level close to the 142.75 handle. Low levels have been higher which could continue to go up. The 143 region is starting to be strongly resistive and if the market is successful in breaking this level, the price could move higher. As of now, the market is still in consolidation.

However, if the price fell down to the 142 handle, there are more buyers interested in this pair. If the market is successful to break out in the upper channel, it will suggest a “risk on/off” sentiment which is a common reaction here. Traders should be cautious to avoid losses since they could incur bigger losses if not careful. Same goes for the USD/JPY pair and position in smaller trades which is relevant for this pair.

Nevertheless, it is also a good move to buy the pair for long-term but still with some caution before posting large orders since the market is still unstable. It is safer to wait until next week or after the results of U.K. election.

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EUR/USD Technical Analysis: June 13, 2017

PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:39 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The European Central Bank decided to stabilize the apple cart and did not talk about the withdrawal of Quantitative Easing turning the focus towards the talks regarding Brexit and politics. Italian elections were delayed which helped yields from Italy to decline on the back of an extensive narrowing of spreads followed by the dovish remarks pronounced by M. Draghi.
However, lots of political challenges remain in the future.

The anti-European forces appeared to be inactive while in Catalonia, Spain threatens the stability of the Spanish country due to the independence referendum planned for October 1.

The debt relief of Greece continue to hang in the Euro region and this is the expected major topic in the EU meeting scheduled on Thursday.

The EURUSD tried to move higher but failed to reacquire its previous resistance found at 1.1227 level close to the 10-day moving average.

The exchange rate indicates the second day of the Doji formation that further shows uncertainties where the close and open levels are in the same range.

Moreover, the pair seems to generate a head and shoulder reversal pattern which starts to produce the right shoulder followed by the left and lastly the head which resistance region entered the 1.1285 area.

Prices in the previous weeks failed to break 1.1299 mark seen around the November 8 highs. The major’s near-term support holds 1.1109 near the lows of May 29.

The momentum became negative since the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) develops a sell signal to take a crossover. It emerged because the spread crosses underneath the 9-day exponential moving average. The histogram shifted to negative grounds from the positive territory establishing a sell signal. The index also prints in the read paired with a descending trajectory that points towards a lower rate of the EUR/USD.

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: June 13, 2017

PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:39 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The Euro against the British pound move sideways during the Monday session. It broke above the 0.88 handle as the market continues to sell off the currency. This is a significant move while it seems that the market is not ready to retreat. Pullbacks would then attract more buyers and the 0.88 region below continues to be supportive.

However, if the price breaks lower and the gap is filled, this could send the price lower as low as 0.8650 and lower. Some pullbacks would open buying opportunities indicating massive support below. There is still a possibility to move higher towards the 0.90 level which hints as a significant psychological level.

The British currency has depreciated which drags the pair more than the other. On the other hand, the Euro is steadily moving in the market. The impulsive action is most likely driven by the pound more than other aspects. The uncertainty persists in the market which entails the pair could climb higher.

The 0.90 region gives off a significant resistance and a break over this would provide more long-term opportunities. It may not be wise to sell this pair since there are other things to consider in selling off this pair. However, if the pair breaks in the base of the breakdown, this would significantly shift the movement which could induce selling and this is not gonna be good for the pair.

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USD/JPY Technical Analysis: June 19, 2017

PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:14 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The U.S. dollar against the Japanese yen climbed higher during the Friday session. There is a massive resistance found in the 11.40 level to reverse the trend followed by a decline. A neutral candle is formed for the day although the market is trying to gain momentum as they are trying to recover following the drastic move in the upside on Thursday.

The Federal Reserve is being hawkish more than expected which is favorable for the greenback since the Bank of Japan moves contradictorily when it comes to monetary policy. The 110 region remains supportive which would most likely become the floor of the market.

For now, it is advisable to short this pair to take advantage of its short-term decline and rendering more support for every short-term credit. This is still not finite and the trend could decline anytime although the next move would most likely be in the upside reflecting the impulsiveness of the market. Hence, buying is much more practical in the current market condition.

The initial next target would be at 112 then 112.50 level. For long-term, the trend could reach as high as 115 region although it might take longer to achieve this. There is also a tendency for the pair to be volatile which is not surprising. It is good to trade this pair in the current market as it could also benefit the greenback traded against the yen since the BOJ is dovish and most likely continue for a longer period of time.

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