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AUD/USD Technical Analysis: May 24, 2017

PostPosted: Wed May 24, 2017 9:49 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The Australian currency against the U.S. dollar broke above the 0.75 level but was also reversed soon after. If the price breaks lower than the 0.7450 region, the price would further decline. This is also similar for the long-term trades.

The gold market directly influences the pair including the risk appetite for these trades. However, it seems that the gold market is not performing well. The raw material trades from Australia supplied within Asia is also falling since there is low demand for copper and iron which are the fundamental trades of the country.

In a long-term trend, it seems that the market sustains the current trading condition. Its downtrend could attain up to 0.70 level for long-term. If the price breaks higher than the 0.7525 region, it could reach its way about the 0.7750 level for a longer term.

However, reaching the said level won’t be easy. Although, the market usually change position in a bullish pattern and makes it more complicated when the market worries. This is what anticipated to happen when the price soars that makes pullbacks not surprising anymore. The uptrend line is noticeable on the hourly chart and a break lower than the 0.7450 level would bring the price down with an increase in bearish pressure.

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EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: May 26, 2017

PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2017 9:03 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The Euro against the British pound had a very choppy trading during the Thursday session as the market is attempting to push the price higher which could eventually break later on. There are also some pullbacks seen in the short-term which supports the current trend and gather enough impetus and volume to reach higher levels. If the price breaks higher than the 0.8675 region, the current trend will move upward reaching the 0.88 level that is relevant for long-term as shown in the charts.

Those reversals would gain more appeal to the buyers as it closes near the 0.86 support level which was supportive in the past. There’s an option to wait for a breakout first to lift it higher which implies bullishness in the trend which is beneficial for buyers.

The market is choppy influenced by the two economies and commentaries from both countries bringing a lot of noise in the market. Yet, the trend remains resilient as it is directed upwards although there are pullbacks every now and then. If the price breaks lower than the 0.8550 region, the market is anticipated to roll over. This is most probably because of major events which are usually unexpectedly fast when it happen. Overall, the buyers seem to dominate the market.

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GBP/JPY Technical Analysis: May 29, 2017

PostPosted: Mon May 29, 2017 7:46 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The British pound paired against the Japanese yen declined during the Friday trading session following the release of election polls much tighter than expected in Britain. Everybody expects the political route the way forward when it comes to leaving the European Union still leaves some doubt in the minds of the people.

The pair is usually sensitive to risk appetite that worsens the selling pressure. As the price breaks through the 143 level, the price would decline much lower towards the 142 handle as the market reaches to the support below. If the price surges from here, this would open more selling opportunities.

Traders should monitor the global risk appetite including the stock market, futures market and the condition of the British government and its currency, as these would affect the pair. As of now, the pair is moving downtrend searching for a significant level at 1.2750.

If the pair is able to stay in the upper region, the current trend could be reversed to find support below. Alternately, the price could decline towards the next significant support at 140 handle. Buyer should look to the long-term charts before placing orders. Overall, the market will be highly volatile and traders might want to consider major pairs related to the British currency for a faster turn around.

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NZD/USD Technical Analysis: May 29, 2017

PostPosted: Mon May 29, 2017 8:09 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The New Zealand dollar against the U.S. dollar has had a flat trading in early Friday but when the buyers returned, the price rose towards the 0.71 handle and above. Short-term pullbacks offer value in the market as the market tries to reach higher levels.

The 0.70 level gives off massively supportive until the price breaks lower which makes it complicated selling. Buyers will proceed with going long as the market is open climb higher although the pair is still involved with high risks. It is anticipated that the pair will most likely decline from here onwards that makes the pair more susceptible to risks.

There is a strong upward pressure for this pair and volatility would increase even more. The New Zealand dollar is highly sensitive to the overall commodity market that makes is important to monitor the commodity market not necessarily a certain commodity market.

There is high volatility in the market which will reflect in trading this pair. With the political concerns from the Washington, D.C., the pair is expected to be influenced despite its almost daily occurrence. Hence, traders should still be cautious that makes short-term trades more advisable to trade to make through the current problems concerning this pair.

USD/JPY Technical Analysis: May 29, 2017

PostPosted: Mon May 29, 2017 9:05 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The U.S. dollar against the Japanese yen declined during the Friday session. It reached the lowest level of 110.80. If it bounced back, this will signal a bullish trend but this would not be easy to attain as there is high-risk appetite especially for this pair. The 110 level gives off a massive support but is the pair breaks lower, the next level would be at 108 region at a quicker pace because there is a still remaining gap that has not been filled.

In the long-term, this pair will most likely go higher although it may take some time since the 112.50 is strongly resistive. A break higher than this region would be beneficial for scalpers to take advantage of bulls interested in the U.S. dollar.

Traders of this pair should monitor the S&P 500 index as this would have a big influence to the pair. If the index rises, this pair follows. Moreover, the chances for a Fed rate hike puts a bullish pressure for the pair. If it did not take place, it might be a problem for the pair although it is most likely that this would happen with its stature at stake.

Pullbacks every now and then offer long-term opportunities but for short-term, this gives off bearish volatility/ This could persist for some time especially with the major events concerning geopolitical problems occurring from Europe and the U.S.

Overall, the pair moves in an uptrend from 110.23 level and a decline from 112.13 will indicate a correction. It is expected to rise again following the correction towards the 113.50 level. The near-term resistance is found at 111.70 and a break to this level would mean a continuation of the uptrend. On the other hand, the support region is positioned at 110.80 and 110.23 and a break from these levels would push the price back again from 114.36 level.

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AUD/USD Technical Analysis: May 31, 2017

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 8:58 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The Australian currency had slightly decline amid Tuesday trades, however, met a support around 0.74 mark to bounce back and climb upwards. An ability to cut through above the 0.7450 region is highly important. The resumption of the bullish pressure will prompt the market to advanced towards the area above 0.75, which is previously a significant resistance.

The rally is expected to run out within a short period of time, in case the gold surge considering a “risk on” rally. Therefore, the market has to continue trend upwards.

The gold markets appeared to be a safe place to get involved with. When gold was bought as a fear trade there is a tendency that Aussie will not follow. Nevertheless, a positive feeling towards the markets will help the AUDUSD to attempt a higher move.

The AUD is starting to gain strength, but the Kiwi appeared to be much stronger as it drives forward. Forecast says, the favor should remain in the seat of the New Zealand dollar, but there are predictions that both commodity currencies will go through similar directions.

A break down under the 0.74 range would indicate a negative signal and caused the Australian dollar to plunged lower.

Alternatively, the pair is projected to experience volatility, yet this is not new to this pair since the market always run in circles. Volatility awaits upon moving forward, for that reason you should look out on your stop losses.

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GBP/JPY Technical Analysis: May 31, 2017

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 10:06 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The national currency of Britain weakened amid Tuesday trading, however, it had a significant rebound from the area 141.80 reaching the 143 handle. A break over the daily highs would direct the market in a higher position, as it may reach 144 level without plenty of issues.

Generally, the Sterling holds a significant amount of reversal throughout the day since the Cable further exhibited active signs. This could probably be a correction for the oversold condition where the GBP sees itself, after the election polling it became tighter exceeding its expectations in the past. Moreover, the figures decreased inclined with the conservative administration. Having said that, the uptrend will resume eventually, hence buying is highly preferred on the gap above the highest.

Remember that the pairs relative to Japanese yen appeared to very sensitive to risk. This could be considered as one of the most delicate pairs, the simultaneous rally of the stock market is a big help that could move 100 pips in an instant.

Either way, a cut through underneath 142.50 region would allow the market to touch 142 handle once again.

The daily candle begins to display a bullish stance which signals that buyers will return, nevertheless, it could be best that you’ll wait for the market to reveal hints to initiate the buying, as a means to safeguard your account against an extensive volatility.

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: June 1, 2017

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:15 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The Euro against the British pound was highly volatile during the Wednesday session. It is being in tested in the upper channel and a pullback was seen reaching the opening for the day. The market is attempting to gain sufficient impetus to break higher than the 0.88 level followed by 0.90 level.

In the long-term, this pair seems to be much stronger although there is a lot of noise found in the upper channel causing the choppiness of the market. The market might move slower especially with various major reports from the European Union and Britain. Same goes for Brussels and London which will be the center of attention and this market can be easily affected by these outside forces.

It won’t be long before this pair rallies upward and it is advisable to either buy after a breakout or be more careful and wait on the sidelines. Selling might be more difficult for this pair neither placing a short-term orde. However, a move lower than the 0.86 handle is a good thing although it seems that the buyers dominate participants but might now last in the current condition of the market.

AUD/USD Technical Analysis: June 2, 2017

PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 6:35 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The Australian dollar against the U.S. dollar did not have a good trading session on Thursday. It breaks at the 0.74 level followed by a rebound towards the 0.7420 region. Since then, the market declined and broke to a fresh new low. Currently, the pair is depreciating and makes it more vulnerable to further decline especially since the jobs data will come out today.

If the jobs data met the expectations, then this will most likely push the currency lower towards the 0.73 handle. However, if the pair moves in the upper channel then this would open opportunities to buy this pair especially if it breaks higher than the 0.7475 region. Although, we cannot be certain of now if this would occur since the market is still undecided on which direction to choose.

The next target for this pair is 0.73 level with the tendency to move forward which makes it more favorable for selling. The market already anticipates this and it will be good to follow so.
It seems that the currency is having a difficult time while the New Zealand dollar is performing better. Even so, traders still opt for the Aussie but traders should be cautious in buying this pair in the current low levels.

Overall the pair is sold-off by traders and it is reasonable to move along with this move. However, if this pair opens for the 0.73 region, this will push the price to lower levels immediately.

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NZD/USD Technical Analysis: June 2, 2017

PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:28 am
by Andrea ForexMart
The Kiwi dollar declined in the day during Thursday trade while testing the mark 0.7050. Despite the choppiness of the market, the New Zealand currency have the possibility to beat the Australian dollar. It does not mean that the market will establish an optimistic stance, rather it will become more resilient. The market will search the level below 0.70 because this holds a nice large figure, however, the release of US employment figures on Friday involves plenty of noise.
The market will found the resistance on top of the 0.71 handle and the rally will soon fade away because the mentioned region seems resistive. As indicated on the higher level of the chart, some type of channel are trying to develop.

The NZDUSD is not easy to deal with because it is the least liquid among major pair and when the announcement is made, it would likely to have a violent move. With this, it is suggested to steer clear from the commodity-linked pair as this could lead you to pain if you did not take proper caution. The ability to break down under 0.70 region would break down significantly. It signals a longer-term indicator, either way, it could toggle continually moving a gradual ascending grind.

As the market maintain a choppy stance, lots of opportunities were also offered.