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PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:26 pm
by l3imadi
VPS Hosting
InstaForex offers to its potential partners a unique way of cooperation – VPS hosting.

With this variation of InstaForex affiliate program, a partner owning a virtual private server has an opportunity to provide hosting accredited by InstaForex and thus generate additional profit in the form of affiliate commission.

Benefits with InstaForex:

1.5-5.3 pips from a trade – maximum affiliate commission among all brokers;
Advanced statistics of your affiliate link;
Instant commission crediting;
Comprehensive support from the Partnership Department;
Prospects of closer cooperation and higher remuneration for fruitful partnership;
0.2 pip commission from every trade of subpartner`s customers.

After a quick registration procedure, you will receive an affiliate link and banners for placing on your website or using on the internet in a few seconds. After the registration you will be able to monitor your statistics including each link visit and further activity of the client attracted by you on InstaForex website.

If you have any questions about this type of partnership, please use the following email partners-vps@mail.instaforex.com.


PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:27 pm
by l3imadi
Blogger partner
Your own blog is not just a tool to deliver essential information and your ideas directly to the concerned audience. A personal web portal may become an important source of your income if you head for cooperation with InstaForex. The company offers such an opportunity to active bloggers interested in decent income.

Opting for the Blogger project and signing up for InstaForex affiliate program, you obtain permanent support of InstaForex Partner Relations Department as well as the best conditions among all brokers:

1.5 – 5.3 pips of every deal carried out by a customer - the most competitive commission among all brokers;
detailed statistics of your unique affiliate link;
a wide range of InstaForex banners created by professional web designers of the company;
Forex-informers which are easily adjustable with the help of a special administration panel;
RSS-feeds that can be embedded in your blog keeping readers informed of relevant news from financial markets;
An opportunity of developing your web resource as more and more users visit it and, consequently, your commission increases;
0.2 pip commission from every deal of subpartner`s clients New

In order to become a partner of InstaForex Company, you just need to undergo registration, and then you will receive an email with an affiliate link, registration data and information on how to use it. After that, you can enter your Partner Cabinet and select most suitable banners for your blog topics. What is more, after registration you will have an opportunity to get full details on the number of your affiliate link clicks and activity of each client referred by you. Further down the road, when you reach certain indicators, InstaForex Company will help you to elaborate an individual package of web materials specially for your blog.


PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:28 pm
by l3imadi
The Trader-Partner project has been created to enable traders to make profit by recommending InstaForex Company to their friends and acquaintances. This is the basic type of partnership, so it does not require any specific knowledge of web development. Meanwhile, it brings as high affiliate commission as major InstaForex partners obtain.

Enjoy the best partnership conditions with our Trader-Partner program:

1.5 – 5.3 pips from each trade;
instant commission accrual to your account;
an opportunity of funds withdrawal;
your affiliate link statistics in detail;
recommendations regarding affiliate link placing;
a possibility to introduce InstaForex Company to your friends and acquantances via Partner Cabinet;
consultation and support of InstaForex Partner Relations Department;
0.2 pip commission from every trade made by subpartner`s clients.

You are welcome to register right now! All you need to do is fill in a simple form, and in a few minutes you will have everything needed to start your cooperation with InstaForex Company!


PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:29 pm
by l3imadi
Advisors Seller
Advisors trade in the Internet is not only dynamically developing segment of Forex business, but also a great chance to gain money with an international broker InstaForex. In addition to its main function of advisors realization, your online resource may undertake a task of attracting customers, and consequently, bring you a good profit. For this purpose you just need to become a participant of the Advisors Seller affiliate program by InstaForex Company and get an access to necessary marketing tools and collateral materials for their further placement on your own website.

Participation in the affiliate program is:

Reward of 1.5-5.3 pips;
Wide range of banners and informers;
Placement in the advisors online shop;
New clients inflow and icreasing commissions;
0.2 pips of commission is earned by a partner for all trades of his subpartners’ customers.

InstaForex partners have an opportunity to publish information on the realizable advisors and their creation services in the catalogue of the company’s advisors online shop, in such a way, expanding a potential consumer audience and involving new visitors of the website.

For putting advisor for sale and registering the MQL programmer it is necessary to fill in special forms on the shop’s website.


PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:30 pm
by l3imadi
Forex Signal Provider
Forex signals can be a source of your basic income or a bonus to your salary. This type of partnership with InstaForex allows getting regular earnings only for placing marketing materials and informers on your web resource thus referring more customers.

Once registered with the Forex Signal Provider program, you will be able to cooperate with InstaForex under the best terms:

1.5-5.3 pips commission;
wide choice of banners and informers;
possibility to sell signals through the ForexCopy service;
extending affiliate group and growing commission amount;
0.2 pip commission from sub-IB’s clients.

Partners of the broker can always count on the support and regularly updated range of tools needed for profitable work. InstaForex offers the innovative ForexCopy system , which allows hundreds of followers with the approval of the trader and under his terms to copy his trades online. Every follower can adjust the ForexCopy system by selecting the instruments to copy and the ratio. ForexCopy system opens access to real examples of how to use signals to trade on Forex and may bring considerable extra gains. You can give some recommendations to the potential customer or give proves of your advice.
One can either select a subscription for 1 trading day or copy certain trades. Consequently, there are different options of payment: fee for one subscription day, commission for every copied trade or a share of profit made from the copied deals. All calculations are automatic. Find out more about the service in the ForexCopy System section.


PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:31 pm
by l3imadi
Cost Per Action
InstaForex offers its partners new type of affiliate collaboration — the Cost Per Action project. Our CPA partners receive a one-time commission for each new active trader referred. The commission level depends on the amount of the first-time deposit only. Trade volume and quantity simply do not matter as long as there is some trading activity going on.

The main advantage of CPA is its simplicity. There are no complicated calculations, requirements for an amount of trading lots, and points from a spread – only an initial deposit. This program perfectly suits webmasters, SEO experts, and specialists in online marketing, who do not have special knowledge about the forex industry. The conversion process is much easier now – open an account, make a deposit, and get an affiliate commission!

Below is the list of affiliate commission depending on the amount a client deposits:

From $1 to $200 — equals amount deposited
From $200 to $499 — $200
From $500 to $999 — $300
From $1,000 to $2,499 — $500
From $2,500 to $4,999 — $750
From $5,000 to $9,999 — $1,000
From $10,000 to $19,999 — $1,500
From $20,000 and over — $2,000

Affiliate commission will be credited within at least one month. The maximum period is unlimited as there can be cases of no trading activity or deposit withdrawal.

Fill in the registration form to start cooperation with InstaForex within the Cost Per Action affiliate program.


PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:32 pm
by l3imadi
Affliate statistics
Affliate statistics serves for effective counting of link visits which allows InstaForex partners to indicate the most efficient advertising trends. Distributing the affiliate link among different Internet resources, the company’s partners can be sure that each click on this link will be recorded and they will get a seamless access to their affiliate link analytical data.

The paramount goal of statistics is to provide InstaForex partners with information about the highest-performance and the most profitable online marketing trend in the ratio of expired costs and received profit as an agent commission.
You can set any period: either chose one of the default ones, or key in exactly the one you need. Statistics by customer is available in certain currencies (USD, EUR). You can either see the total commissions you have got from your referrals within a certain period of time, or you can pick a certain affiliate code and see the total commissions from the referrals who registered via this particular code. For your convenience, each affiliate code has its colour, which facilitates the information handling.
This section shows all the accounts opened within your affiliate group over a certain period of time. You can trace the general statistics on the registered accounts, pinpoint the fruitful months, mark a slump in the referring activity, or find the reasons to search for a new, more efficient marketing strategy. The statistics can also be broken on the basis of the custom affiliate code for you to figure out which marketing strategy has yielded the best results and brought you the most of referrals.
Top 5 profitable accounts
Discover the five leading, most profitable accounts in your affiliate group. Such data may turn out to be useful when holding contests and competitions among your customers. Choose the preferred time period to monitor the activity of your clients.
Top-30 sources of opened accounts
The rating of web resources used for account opening is at your convenience. It is based on the links with all the custom affiliate codes ever used to open accounts in your affiliate group. Thus, you can anytime look which resource is the most effective in promoting the affiliate link and hence find the best options for advertising.
Total Clicks
The chart shows the total number of clicks referrals gave to your affiliate link.
Initial clicks statistics
The chart represents the number of those who clicked your affiliate link for the first time.
Unique clicks statistics
The Unique Clicks chart shows the number of users who followed your affiliate link for the first time from the given IP address over the past 24 hours.
Clicks distribution map
Clicks distribution statistics show countries with the highest rates of the affiliate link traffic.


PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:33 pm
by l3imadi
Affiliate link functioning principles

An affiliate link is the main tool of recording customers referred. Every registered partner has his own unique affiliate link. People who have followed this link and opened trading accounts with InstaForex within half a year since the link was last visited are automatically recorded as the ones referred by the link owner; thus, the partner receives commissions and other rewards.

What is the structure of an affiliate link?

An affiliate link consists of two components:

A link to the company's website (it may be any page: the home one - www.instaforex.com, or the one containing the description of InstaForex advantages - www.instaforex.com/why_choose_us.php)
An affiliate code added to the link which is of the following format: ?x=ABC with ABC being a unique affiliate code consisting of 3-5 letters.

If, for instance, you want your link to forward customers to the contest page, it will look like this:https://www.instaforex.com/forex_contests.php?x=ABC, where ABC is your personal affiliate code. Such a link records everyone who follows it.

Moreover, in InstaForex Partner Cabinet there is an option of making up your own affiliate links. A partner can enter up to five key words to use them instead of the code automatically provided at registration.
Affiliate code

An affiliate code comprising 3-5 letters may be used not only as part of an affiliate link. If you recommend your friends open an account with InstaForex and ask them to enter your code in the certain field of the registration form, they will be recorded as customers attracted by you as well, even though they have not clicked on your link.

In case a client already has a trading account with the company and wants to join your affiliate group or if you have other questions about the affiliate link, please contact us at eng.partners@instaforex.com


PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:34 pm
by l3imadi
Affiliate website

Every partner may get ready-made website with updated content about the company and its campaigns absolutely free of charge. Moreover, you can edit the texts on the website using admin panel. No special skills are required for working with the website.

How does affiliate website work

Affiliate website is a qualitative resource, which includes the full description of the company and, in fact, it duplicates InstaForex main website in content. A visitor may think that he is on the main company's website and get an access to the same options which are available for visitors of common affiliate's links.

A user may find information about company's services, its advantages, view automatic updated news and company's campaigns on the pages of the website. When a user decides to open an account and clicks a certain link, he will be forwarded to the official company's web-site and is recorded as your client automatically.

How can you get an affiliate website

Firstly, you should choose the domain name for your affiliate website, using the specially offered advice notes for purchasing the domain name. Then you should buy the selected domain name and make it your ownership; the hosting and the code for your affiliate website will be provided by our company.

Affiliate website pattern: http://constructor.instaforex.com.
Steps for affiliate website receipt

Register in the affiliate program of InstaForex;
Buy domain name;
Apply for an affiliate website;
Follow the instructions which our specialists will send to the email address specified by you in the application form for receiving a ready-made affiliate website.

Application processing and adjustment can take up to 10 business days.
If you have any questions regarding functioning of affiliate websites, please contact the Partner Relations Department managers via skype: ifx.partners-website or e-mail: partners-sites@mail.instaforex.com.


PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:35 pm
by l3imadi
RSS feeds by InstaForex
In this section you can find various RSS feeds, which you can place on your resource, thus improving its information content. RSS feeds by InstaForex will enrich your website with a considerable amount of useful and reliable information from the financial world. RSS feeds by InstaForex are an easy and infallible way of boosting website popularity in the shortest time possible. You can choose and embed the required RSS feed right now.

Live Forex News RSS feed
We offer you to try the Live Forex News RSS feed by InstaForex. Online news on your website will not only improve the information content of your web resource, but will also attract new users.

Forex Analysis RSS feed
We offer you to use the Forex Analysis RSS feed by InstaForex. Thanks to this service your website will always contain high-quality up-to-date analytics from the financial world.

Company news RSS feed
We invite you to take advantage of Company news RSS feed by InstaForex. Due to this service you will get to know about new services, offers, and projects launched as well as learn about important InstaForex events.