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Investing in the stock market??

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Investing in the stock market??

Postby jonty fx » Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:45 am

I´ve been investing for more than 20 years and trading for almost 14, and I can tell you that if you want to make BIG and FAST profits, I recommend you trading rather than investing, trading can help you to go from rags to rich.

If you are investing, you must have already achieved some degree of financial success, long term stock investing and/or FOREX can help you become much richer than you are today.

My experiences as a Nasdaq Market Maker, Head trader of brokerage firms, and currently as a professional trader
and private hedge fund manager, I can suggest you that:

We trade because we want quick, short term profits on a consistent basis. We want to cash flow the market. Milk it like a cow.
Make consistent, small, short term gains rather than trying to hit a home run on every trade. Don't ever forget that.
Don't marry a stock, marry the idea of making money trading stocks. That's the only way to do it.

For me "All stocks are equally worthless”

I don't hold on to any illusion that the stock market will continue to go up and provide a nice retirement for me.
I could care less which way the market goes. It's irrelevant to me if the market goes higher, crashes or moves sideways for the next 50 years. I really could care less. Stocks are just four letters with two prices next to them that I use to make a living trading.

Trade ONLY when you have a clear, easy and identifiable advantage, because without a CLEAR EDGE your odds of success are NO better than a flip of a coin… That´s why so many new traders (and investors) lose money.

Take a look at any daily chart of any index or stock and you'll probably see the most volatility and the biggest opportunity for profit during the "First Hour" of the stock market's opening.

The popular thinking and conventional wisdom is that you should wait about an hour before you start trading.

But if you do, you'll miss the big, fast moves that stocks make as all the amateurs let their emotions out through their
online accounts, usually right after they read some news headline or hear Maria Bartiromo go off about a stock on CNBC.

It's easy to see why trading the open is the market's prime time for profiting from other online traders.
The market's open is very volatile - that is the perfect environment for LARGE, FAST profits.

Learn to trade as a professional Market Maker ,not as an emotionally driven amateur trader or investor with few thousand dollars in an account at Etrade.

There isn't any other time during the day or any stock you can invest in, that can make you 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or more points
in minutes OTHER than during the first hour the stock market is open. That's why I love trading the open so much.

I trade only when I have an edge and that means "only the fisrt hour the market is open".

If you are a beginning trader, you can give yourself an unfair advantage in the market trading this way.

I can continue giving you a lot of advises about how to make money trading, but if you ask me:
"What is the best thing you can do for me or that I can do for myself?

Go to this "Top Secret" site and get the BEST stocks that will make the largest and fastest day trading profits you´ve ever seen...

After you review this site you won´t need a system, strategy, book, software or mentor to tell you what to do,
you will be able to profit HUGE every day, picking your own stocks to trade.

Trade well,
jonty fx
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Re: Investing in the stock market??

Postby Shawnmichal » Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:06 am

Very nice post for stock market investing post...I find this post informative & very helpful for beginners in stock market.
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Re: Investing in the stock market??

Postby Husam » Thu May 14, 2015 10:18 am

To invest our real money, definitely we need guarantees of our trading capital that only can provide regulated trading platform. That means, if we invest our money in a non regulated platform and then scam with me definitely, it was my fault because of my unconsciousness. I never wanted to play with my trading balance so, from my beginning period of live trading still I am depending on TradingBanks broker. It’s a high profile regulated trading platform. And, very sincerely handle my security issue. Even, I am getting automatic transaction system from this reliable trading platform.
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Re: Investing in the stock market??

Postby Habib Wahid » Thu May 14, 2015 5:45 pm

Pragmatically, Investment is very important financial element in this market place that is relates with secure. Recently, I have invested $500 in GCI Financial to the performance how it works. I was very surprised when I opened here a swap free Islamic account within a short time without facing any kinds of limitations. Then, I have decided to trade permanently in this regulated trading broker. And, now I am getting all trading facilities from here as like a general trader. Therefore, at all times, I am able to take out my money from this trading place due to having automated withdraw system.
Habib Wahid
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Re: Investing in the stock market??

Postby Jonathan! » Mon May 25, 2015 8:18 am

I agree with you. If you want big changes then you should trade. You also said that you should only trade when you have an edge but how is this possible? If we all knew that we have an edge then we would all make money. This definitely does not happen. What I sometimes do is trade with a multi asset trading platform with ironfx and it allows me to take advantage of trading stocks and shares from all around the globe. I can go long or short which is different then normal stock trading. I found that if you have a platform that facilitates the above products and tools then it's a good way to have a small edge and maybe with the correct decisions make some profit.
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Re: Investing in the stock market??

Postby Joy Bahadur » Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:21 am

Investment is very important financial matter that is related in secure. So, I have invested my trading capital in mxTrade where I am getting too much security on my trading balance. In addition, this trading platform is considered as an EU regulated broker in this market place. After investing my money I got 100% bonus on my trading deposit that makes my balance larger. By means of this trading bonus I could recover my trading balance. And, now I am capable of trading at any lot at all times. By the way, for all time I am getting only one pip trading spread from this trading platform.
Joy Bahadur
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Re: Investing in the stock market??

Postby Sininfinity » Sat Nov 05, 2016 5:04 am

In my country I saw 2 stock market crashes and both times it ruined people. Majority of traders lost almost everything and saw them crying in front of SEC office. Share prices can be manipulated and it's better to stay away from them. - Spread from 0 pips, Promotions
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Re: Investing in the stock market??

Postby Apple Honeypie » Thu Nov 10, 2016 8:24 am

I have seen so many people in my area, they trade stock market but when sudden news comes market crash like crazy and they lost almost everything with market so i will also not going to support stock market if you are new to market.
Apple Honeypie
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Re: Investing in the stock market??

Postby radex78 » Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:08 pm

Although I am not yet trying trade stocks market but this trade I think having similarities with forex trading, we also need understand and also keep learning how and when must we enter with higher probably trend will suit with our favour and we can making profit
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Re: Investing in the stock market??

Postby Shipli Aktar » Mon Dec 19, 2016 1:37 pm

Yeah I know, there have so many sectors to invest! But I have invested my all money into Forex market! Because, after doing long analysis I found Forex is the most flexible sector to invest! On the other hand, I received 100% deposit bonus offer from ECN broker TradingBanks! As a result, now I get my monthly trading target so easily!
Shipli Aktar
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