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Open Positions

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Open Positions

Postby david fx » Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:46 pm

Many friends who frequent traders open positions but not in accordance with market conditions. It was like shooting the bird but the bird is flying. Many times open still be missed because of open positions do not reflect one-time profit immediately. It can make the guidelines in determining the open position more accurately and efficiently. Since you’ll need a transaction that can generate profits without having to wait longer.

When a trader is about to commit a transaction, then what is needed is an analysis. When to take action to buy and when to take action to sell. As long as you did in the opening according to the analysis, it is likely to be much greater profit. This is simply to make your trading more consistent in gaining profit than many floating.

Open Buy
Sometimes, many new traders ask when does open buy? If the buy price later fell even worried. While resistance to the account sometimes left a bit to keep from price movements. If any open buy, can actually make stress and can not think logically. So, how to open buy is always right?

There are only asking open position. Both people are just starting out and learning forex and that has been many months wrestle this forex world. But the most interesting thing is when you are want to first open positions. For example, open buy, sometimes you have to break open the analysis for a long time. And just follow the direction of the current trend in accordance with the conditions of the signal on your system.

When you use a system that uses indicators, then you can take advantage of market saturation area or cross indicator. And in the event that, look at the direction the market is going. Suppose this happens when the direction of the trend buy, then you can take action to buy occurs when the indicator point or cross over on the right while the trend lasts. So you will not miss the market, while the open buy position you do not miss.

Open Sell
Same as when open buy, you must pay attention to the current trends. When to perform a sell-dependent signal that you wear on your system. The more you will understand the system being studied, the more understanding when to sell.

Suppose that in the current down trend occurs, and the coincidence signal to the system action or cross over, then you can immediately take action to sell immediately. At the same time prices fluctuate often, and making erratic movements. Stick to one purpose and that is to follow the rule system. Perform a sell when the cross or over, and do not do anything when it does not happen signal.

Perhaps you will say when will we will open more appropriate? So when open buy or sell will instantly open properly without having to experience floating. Well, if you ask like this, the easiest answer is that you must understand and understand the characteristics of the market itself. So do not forget of the signal system.

At the time of action buy or sell the action centered on the time of the movement direction of the trend. For confirmation, please make sure the signal is in your system according to the direction of the trend is happening in the market. If you are capable and able to learn properly, then you will be able to open positions better than you think. Make the beginning of the transaction you will have seen a definite advantage.

david fx
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Re: Open Positions

Postby Shawnmichal » Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:05 am

Thanks david fx to share step by step details about Open Positions. It is really helpful for me.
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