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What is your stop-out limit?

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What is your stop-out limit?

Postby mdenamul » Thu Oct 04, 2012 11:31 am

Our stop-out level is currently 10%. This means that when your account reaches the stage that it has less than 10% of the required margin, the system will start closing the open position in your account.
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Re: What is your stop-out limit?

Postby Shawnmichal » Fri Oct 05, 2012 10:21 am

According to me, it is little bit high. What is your margin call percent?
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Re: What is your stop-out limit?

Postby Jura » Thu Dec 11, 2014 4:52 am

Different brokers giving vary margin calll level and stop out level, well, got my account with armada markets given condition Margin call / stop-out: 100% / 30%. for a minimum 300 deposit at ECN account type i saw this a best deal i've found.
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Re: What is your stop-out limit?

Postby Himanshurathee » Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:56 pm

The execution of a stop-loss order. Stopped out refers to when an investor predetermines a price at which they want to sell if the stock's price falls, they place a stop-loss order. If they purchase a stock for $35 a share and doesn't want to continue holding the stock if it falls to $30 a share, they would place a stop-loss order for $30. If the stock did in fact fall to $30 a share, the investor's stop-loss order would be executed and the investor would be stopped out.

While stop-loss orders are an effective strategy for limiting potential losses, they will sometimes be executed because market conditions are volatile or because the stock itself is volatile and not because the stock has experienced a lasting drop in price. The aforementioned $35 stock might fluctuate throughout the day and drop as low as $27 only to close back up at $36. The investor who placed a stop-loss order at $30 would no longer own the stock at the end of the day because they would have been stopped out, but this result could be undesirable since the stock ended up rising again rather than continuing to fall.
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Re: What is your stop-out limit?

Postby Sininfinity » Sun May 10, 2015 4:25 am

Traders should not be in a position so they have to suffer stop out. I always tell people to maintain their risk properly. That way one does not have to loose all. By the way stop out level for all types of accounts at fxoptimax is 20%. - Spread from 0 pips, Promotions
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Re: What is your stop-out limit?

Postby Sydney Callaway » Fri Jun 26, 2015 4:58 pm

I am using OctaFX broker and they have really good 15% stop out level, so that’s excellent and this is why I am able to get really positive results with scalping. Also, they have got terrific 50% bonus on deposit that’s available to all so that is very handy and allows me to work smoothly especially with scalping while with low stop out level things only become easier and I am able to the type of profits I always wish for.
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