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Investiti Project Advertisment

Postby Investiti » Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:07 pm

“Investiti” project

Who we are?

“Investiti” is a group of freelance programmers. We have been working on “Forex” software solutions for about 3 years now. We have completely developed from scratch or supported lots of “Forex” market software solutions.
We have developed or supported: 37 indicators, 13 auto trading systems, 16 data analysis solutions, 2 clients for Norwegian and UK companies.

The project:

We have decided to create our own software, we have put our most experienced developers at work. Project started on 2014-02-02 and we reached alpha stage at 2015-08-21. Since alpha we have been testing our software and we can gladly pronounce that we have reached beta stage on 2015-11-27.

“Investiti” main purpose is to filtrate data from social trading websites such as “CopyFX”, “Share4You”, “FXSTAT” and lots of other less known sources. Everything works in real-time. Software connects technical analysis (tracks movements and patterns) with fundamental analysis (“Forex” news and global economic events). This software lets our traders to better understand market movements with improved prediction rate.


Traders are divided into 3 groups:

High risk, 30% - 50% profit per month (Recommended for extra low investments)

Medium risk, 15% - 30% profit per month

Low risk, 1% - 15% profit per month (Recommended for high investments)

Trader group is determined by their trading aggression and experience. Every traders must pass several tests to determine their risk group.

Our problems:

We are profit seeking organization. We want to attract investments for long term collaboration.

At the very beginning we thought that we should allow users to have their own accounts and let them trade on their own for monthly subscription. But later we decided to let professional traders to do their job, so everyone could make investments with higher percentage of return.

Also system requires lots of resources and flow of users would make thing even more difficult. With this solution we can offer simple investment scheme. We also save money because we do nothave to create whole UX/UI, because we can train our traders to use advanced “Investiti” user interface without simplifying it.

And lastly we can all agree that investor is more connected with “Investiti” than monthly user.

Overall we have created solution for both, professional traders and investors. Investors do not have to learn trading on “Forex” market at all.

What is our goal today?

For now we beta version and we are seeking for investors. We are gathering “pool” of investments.
First “pool” has to be collected until 2015-12-20.
We will stop any investments on 2015-12-20 and we will start preparing accounts for every investor personally.
On 2016-01-02 we will start trading and every little detail will be available for our investors. For 6 weeks we will be working with invested money.
On 2016-02-07 we will start collecting second “pool” of investment.
On 2016-02-12 all money with profits included will be transferred back to their owners.
On 2016-02-21 we will stop second “pool” investments, so you will have a chance to invest in second “pool”.

Every cent of first “pool” goes back to investors hands, because first “pool” will be made with beta version of our software.

Safety & insurance:

We have high safety standards.
We will write down major security & insurance points.

Every investment is divided into several pieces, each peace for different trader. Trader will not be inform with which investment he will be working with. So if one trader takes loss, others may take profit. Later our software calculates profits for each investor based on their settings.
For example: You have invested 250 Eur and 19 other investors have invested 250 Eur too. We have 5000 Eur overall. We divide 5000 Eur into smaller pieces something like 1000 Eur x 5. So 5 investors will work with 1000 Eur each. At the end of “pool” we calculate profit and divide it to investors based on their personal settings.
This in very basic explanation, technically it is more complex than this.

Another very important thing is our insurance.
Investor is granted with 1% profit. You can raise your insurance percentage each “pool”, for example if you made agreement for 2 “pools” you will have 2% granted return.
Each “pool” without withdrawal raises insurance by 1%. For example if happens that “pool” is unprofitable, for example your profit percentage is 0.7% and insurance is 2% and you want withdraw your money, we will refund that 1.3% from those who are participating in next “pool”.
While “pool” is ongoing you cannot withdraw your money. So even if we have unprofitable “pool” you will receive profit.


Investments will be collected until 2015-12-20.

Take notice that this project is international and we know that investments will take place, so for possible overflow please contact us before last day.

Our minimal “pool” goal is: 150 000 Eur.

We will make investment be about 30 000 Eur.

So overall we are seeking 120 000 – 130 000 Eur investment. Otherwise all money will be returned, because based on our software risk of losing is improved otherwise.

Our main goal is to test software at its best. So if anything goes out of plan we will return every investment.

Minimal investment period is 1 “pool” (6 weeks, 30 days of constant trading).

Investments can be made using:
“Bank transfer”, “Skrill”, “Neteller”, “Webmoney”. At exceptional cases “PayPal” or other e-wallets.


If you have any concerns or questions please contact us via contacts below. We will be glad to help 24/7.

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