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FXOpen When Money Makes Money

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FXOpen When Money Makes Money

Postby penaltev » Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:18 pm

Hello all, admin and all moderators, I asked to start thread about FXOpen. FXOpen is one of the popular broker in the world. We are already familiar with this one broker. Here ane will update information about broker FXOpen . And of course, please join with us, in order to get a steady trading comfort, ECN trading technology.
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Re: FXOpen When Money Makes Money

Postby penaltev » Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:26 pm

FXOpen Promotion: Enjoy Deposits with No Fees All Summer Long


FXOpen, one of the leading Forex brokers, introduces the no commission deposit incentive for the whole summer 2013.

From June 1st till August 31st 2013 no commissions will be charged for the deposits to FXOpen accounts made by credit/debit cards or via any online payment system available with FXOpen.

Deposit commissions normally vary within 0.5 – 6% range and they will be covered by FXOpen this summer.

This unprecedented promotion is related to online payment systems and credit/debit card deposits.

FXOpen now offers a wide range of payment systems. The list of available options has been significantly enlarged recently and now includes such payment processors as Skrill (former Moneybookers), Payza, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QiWI Wallet, Elecsnet, Dengi Online, Dixipay and others.

This offer is our way to say thank you for choosing FXOpen and to wish you good luck in trading this summer!

Best Regards,
FXOpen NZ Limited
Customer Service
E-mail: >> FXOpen Live Chat(24/5)

*This promotion does not cover deposits made by wire transfer.
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Re: FXOpen When Money Makes Money

Postby penaltev » Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:31 pm

Contest on OneClickTradingLevel2 Plugin User Reports from FXOpen

FXOpen announces OneClickTradingLevel2 plugin user reports contest!


OneClickTradingLevel2 plugin (OCTL2) is an application aimed to facilitate the process of Forex trading via the MT4 platform. It helps execute an order at the best available price with just a single click. The tool was released by the company in late February 2013.

To become a contestant you’re required to make a report on how you apply this instrument. You also need to describe what results you’ve achieved or plan to achieve by means of the tool, as well as what features appeal to you most and why. You can also suggest alternative or additional options to improve the OCTL2 operation.

There are no restrictions on the format of the reports. Shoot an interesting video about your trading activity with the help of plugin, draw a comic strip or an infographics - and it may be you who’ll win the main prize!

Authors of the best 3 reports will be awarded with the following prizes:

1st place - $500
2nd place - $300
3rd place - $100
People's Choice Award - $100

All the details in this]FXOpen forum thread.
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Re: FXOpen When Money Makes Money

Postby penaltev » Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:03 pm

Satu bulan lagi untuk ambil bagian di kompetisi laporan pengguna plugin OCTL2 FXOpen!

Sudah satu bulan yang lalu kami mengumumkan ]Kontes laporan pengguna plugin dari FXOpen.

Hari ini kami dengan senang hati akan berbagai dengan Anda mengenai karya yang telah kami buat dan memberitahu Anda perpanjangan deadline waktu kontes.

Lihat semua daftar karya yang telah di kirim oleh kontestan di: OneClickTradingLevel2 kategori Blog Perusahaan FXOpen. Segera dapatkan inspirasi ide dari peserta lain dan cobalah buat sendiri karya Anda dk kompetisi ini! Kami hanya menerima beberapa karya , jadi Anda mempunyai kesempatan untuk mendapatkan hadiah!

Kami ingatkan kepada Anda bahwa tiga karya terbaik penulis akan mendapatkan hadiah sebagai berikut:

Juara 1 - $ 500
Juara 2 - $ 300
Juara 3 - $ 100

Voting akan menentukan siapa yang berhak mendapat penghargaan Orang pilihan umum dan akan mendapat tambahan hadiah $100.

Partisipasi di kompetisi ini sangatlah mudah, karena kami tidak membatasi format laporan tentang plugin. Buat film menarik tentang OCTL2, memggambar komik ada infografik, mengarang cerita yang menginspirasi, dan mungkin hadiah utama akan Anda dapatkan!

Kami akan mengumpulkan karya Anda dalam satu bulan, sampai 15 Agustus 2013. Silahkan kirim karya tersebut ke

Kami masih mencari karya kreatif, dan pasti akan mendapatkan hadiah yang setimpal.

Lihat detail kontes di: di halaman pertama .

Silahkan tinggalkan pesan di thread ini... 
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Re: FXOpen When Money Makes Money

Postby penaltev » Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:42 am

FXOpen announces the Best Forex Trader in Asia

FXOpen, together with ForexCup, are happy to announce the results of the biggest Asian regional Forex contest –]Asian Forex Championship.


The competition was held from May 27th to July 19th and was open to residents of Asian countries only. The Championship was a hit with approximately 1600 participants, fighting for impressive main prizes and bonuses worth somewhere around US$10,000. The bonus fund was divided between 163 successful traders, who managed to increase their initial deposits by 50% or more, in accordance with contest rules.

The first three prize-winning places were taken by the strongest Asian traders! Indonesian trader Ariful Miftakhuddin was awarded the title of the Best Asian Trader with a PAMM account worth US$3,000 as his prize.

Malay trader Farid Ikram Ahmad Zabidi and Sharif Abughazaleh from Jordan came in second and third. Both of them were awarded with PAMM ECN accounts worth US$2,000 and US$1,000 respectively.

FXOpen would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all participants, bonus-holders and prize-winners on good results and invites them to] join future Forex contests at ForexCup.

Follow the discussion at]FXOpen Forum.

Best regards,
FXOpen NZ Limited
Customer Service
E-mail:]FXOpen Live Chat (24/5)
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Re: FXOpen When Money Makes Money

Postby penaltev » Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:36 am

MT4 versions below 500 will not be supported as from August 1, 2013

FXOpen recommends traders to update the trading platform MT4 in connection with the release of a new version of MT4 platform components. The latest version № 507 provides traders with such new abilities as quick registration of trading signals, setting the spread during testing and others.

The latest MT4 update also includes different corrections of several major and many minor bugs. You can download the trading platform MT4 ( right now in order to test the new version along with its’ new features and improvements.

Attention! Since August, 1 2013 desktop client terminals of versions less than 500 will be no longer supported (not applied to mobile terminals). With regard to that fact we recommend all traders to update their trading terminals to the latest available version.

Download a new version of MT4 for ECN

Download a new version of MT4

Best regards,
FXOpen NZ Limited
Customer Service
FXOpen Live Chat (24/5)
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Re: FXOpen When Money Makes Money

Postby penaltev » Thu Aug 01, 2013 1:37 am

Interview with the Winner “Asian Forex Championship”

Earlier this week announced >> the results of Asian Forex Championship. The biggest regional Forex-contest was held from May 27th to July 19th, and was a total hit with over 1600 participants.
The winner, an Indonesian trader Ariful Miftakhuddin, was awarded the title "The Best Asian Trader" and a PAMM ECN account worth $3000. Ariful Miftakhuddin should really be admired for his trading talents and outstanding results! The winner made more than 2000% profit, leaving his competitors far behind. It was a clear victory.

We were lucky to interview the most successful trader in the Asian Forex Market and asked him a few questions about the championship, his trading strategy and plans for the future.

1. Could you please tell us a few words about yourself?
I am 25 years old and I am single. I live in Indonesia. My hobby is music and bird watching.

2. Could you please describe your “way in Forex”: how and when you started, how you moved on, when you managed to make the first profitable trade, etc.?
I learnt about Forex trading about three years ago. Actually, I started learning by joining some thematic forums.

3. Do you trade with real money? Are you successful at it?
Yes, I do trade in a real account. Well, what concerns profitability I consider it is enough for me, when my profit is bigger than my losses.

4. What is trading for you: your main source of income or just a nice pastime, which earns you some money?
Trading is my main source of income. I consider it my job.

5. How did you learn about ForexCup contests? Have you ever participated in contests held by other brokers?
For the first time I came across the mentioning of ForexCup contests at one of the forums, that I usually read. So, I decided to try - and now I like it very much. I have never participated in competitions, which are held by other brokers.

[b]6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of ForexCup competitions?

As for me, the main advantage of ForexCup competitions is free participation in most contests. I admire it because you do not lose anything even if you are not successful. And I cannot think of any disadvantages, the project is of high quality.

7. Let’s talk about the Championship you won – it was one of the biggest ForexCup events, how did you dare to participate?
Actually, when I saw the announcement, I just decided to try. I thought “Why not?” and joined the championship.

8. We know that before that contest you have already participated in 16 other contests – what encourages you to try again and again?
My main reason to participate in each contest is to learn from other traders and to develop my own trading skills.

9. Weren’t you scared by the high level of other traders in the contest? Did you follow the results of your competitors?
I should say that I wasn’t afraid – if I already joined it, I just had to do my best at trading. And I didn’t follow the results of other participants – I was totally concentrated on my own tasks.

10. How did you make your trading decisions? Did you think everything over or did you let yourself risk sometimes?
In most cases I carefully analyzed the situation, but sometimes I made risky decisions too.

11. Did you dream about the victory or you were just sure that you would win?
I should confess that I haven’t even dreamed about the victory. So, it was a total surprise for me!
12. According to the contest statistics, you made a lot of trades – and you traded mainly GBPJPY or other GBP pairs – is it your favorite trading instrument? Why did you choose it? What other pairs do you like to trade?
You are totally right, most of my trades were made on GBPJPY – just because it’s my favorite currency pair. Also I often used EURJPY and USDJPY, because those instruments usually have nice movements.

13. Also, we can see that you had really few losing trades – so, did it take you long to work out a profitable strategy? What is your strategy based on?
I created my strategy while I was learning to trade at Forex. While preparing it, I tried to use different indicators, but finally I picked Ichimoku.

14. What did you feel at the end of the contest when your leadership was proved?
I was very, very happy about my victory!

15. You got a PAMM ECN account with significant money in it as a reward – are you excited to start your PAMM manager career or would you prefer just a money prize?
I enjoy having a PAMM ECN account – I have always dreamed about it. But if you had given me just a money prize, I would not be upset *smiling*.

16. How do you plan to manage your PAMM ECN account?
I want to develop it, to attract Investors and manage it as long as possible – and make great profit, of course.

17. Are you going to participate in forex-contests again, after being awarded such a great title?
Forex-contests are my hobby, so, you will see me in ForexCup competitions again and again.

18. Could you please give some tips of advice to newbies and to those who still plan to start participating in ForexCup contests? My main advice is “never give up!”. You should try again and again until you succeed. And do not forget to improve your skills by both learning theory and practicing it.

ForexCup team totally agrees with the winner: never stop on your way to your dream. Take every opportunity to improve it and develop your skills – and success will find you. Do everything possible – and you will be awarded!
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Re: FXOpen When Money Makes Money

Postby penaltev » Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:33 am

FXOpen Hold FX Market Masters September 2013 contest

August 7, 2013. FXOpen is glad to announce the launch of its regular FX Market Masters competition scheduled for Autumn 2013 at ForexCup.


During 4 weeks of tough competition, traders will fight for main prizes consisting of a PAMM ECN account with a free deposit of US$1,125 and a bonus equal to 75% of the entry fees.
The 5 best traders will receive real money prizes with other competitors receiving a bonus upon the condition that they increase their start-up deposit by 10% or more, with a total bonus pool of up to US$3500!
For example, the winner of FX Market Masters April 2013 got the total prize of $1827, of which $250 was the maximum possible bonus of the profit made.
Worth a try? We think so!
To participate in the FX Market Masters September 2013, there is a registration fee of $6 that will be added to the contest prize fund, therefore, the more contestants who register for the competition, the greater the prize fund.


Important! [B]You are required to have at least $6 on your e-Wallet (the sum of an entry fee) to be able to take part in the tournament. You can add funds to your account via]any payment system. If you have some money in your FXOpen trading account, you can transfer the needed sum to your e-Wallet.]Go to your account.

Key dates:
August 7, 2013 - registration starts;
September 8, 2013 – registration ends;
August 26, 2013– competition starts;
September 20, 2013– competition ends.

1st place – US$1,125 + 75% of the entry-fees + bonus;
2nd place - US$180 + 12% of the entry-fees + bonus;
3rd place - US$75 + 5% of the entry-fees + bonus;
4th place - US$75 + 5% of the entry-fees + bonus;
5th place - US$45 + 3% of the entry-fees + bonus.

1% of the profit made during the competition will be added to the account of the traders, able to increase the provided start-up deposit by 10 % or more.
Declared bonus budget - $3500.

Terms of the contest:
• Entry fee: $6;
• Trading instruments: 49 currency pairs, gold, silver;
• Trading platform: MetaTrader 4 (]download);
• Contest account: ECN demo;
• Start-up deposit: $5000;
• Leverage: 1:100;
• EA: allowed;
• Locking: allowed;
• Lot volume: from 0.1 to 1 (maximum 1 lot per order);
• Number of orders, opened at a time (including pending orders): maximum 5
• The competition is not open to employees of FXOpen.

Basic requirements to be eligible for a prize/bonus:
- Minimum number of trades - 20 trades of 20 lots’ total volume;
- Make at least one post in the]corresponding thread of FXOpen Forum (otherwise prizes and bonuses will be abolished).

Prize withdrawal, bonus withdrawal, bonus calculation - all these details]HERE.

Useful links:
-]How to participate in competitions;
-]Competition Rules;
-]Guide on ForexCup Prizes and Bonuses;
-] FX Market Masters September 2013 Forum thread.

Let’s participate and win!
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Re: FXOpen When Money Makes Money

Postby penaltev » Thu Aug 22, 2013 4:10 am

FXOpen Moves to STP Accounts!
FXOpen, a leading broker in Forex trading, is delighted to announce the introduction of a new type of accounts – STP. This trading account has been developed with the help of durable and successful collaboration with the company’s clients and partners with the firm paying due attention to their requirements.


The key feature distinguishing this type of account from ECN/STP is that commission paid to the broker is included in the difference between the Best BID and the Best ASK prices i.e., spread. It is not the only distinction however, since each order goes to the market for execution, all clients could benefit by utilising the liquidity available.

In this regard FXOpen customers, trading with REAL 1 server, will be moved to STP accounts. This action will be effective from 2nd September 2013. It should be noted that this does not apply to “Micro” accounts. Customers wishing not to work with this account type will have to liquidate their positions and open new “Standard” accounts in their MyFXOpen personal back office area within 2 weeks from the specified date.

Partnership programs for STP accounts will be announced by the company imminently. For further information follow the news line on our site.

Best regards
FXOpen NZ Limited
Customer Service
FXOpen Live Chat (24/5)
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Re: FXOpen When Money Makes Money

Postby penaltev » Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:17 am

Interview with the 2nd Prize Winner of the Asian Forex Championship

The summer of 2013 was notable for an outstanding event – The Asian Forex Championship –held within the ForexCup project. The event attracted approximately 1,600 traders from 53 countries in the Asian region, all competing for great prizes and bonuses provided by FXOpen.

All contestants demonstrated great trading skills, dexterity and a deep knowledge of market specifics. All results were achieved by the efforts of each participant, while some traders were awarded for their excellent performance.

Farid Ikram Bin Ahmad Zabidi from Malaysia won the 2nd prize. During eight weeks of trading he made an outstanding 1,355% profit. Small margins separated him from first place generally keeping pace with the eventual winner. Farid is a deserved 2nd prize winner and a PAMM ECN Account Manager.

We contacted this exceptional trader and asked him a few questions about his participation in the Championship and his trading experience in general.

FXOpen: “Could you please tell us a few words about yourself?”
Winner: “I am 28 years old. I am married with a cute daughter who is almost two-years old. I am from Perak, Malaysia. I work as an Assistant Technician Officer in Telekom Malaysia and my hobby is fishing.”

FXOpen: “Could you please describe your “way in Forex” i.e. how you began, developed, made your first profitable trade, etc.?”
Winner: “I started trading in Forex about 5 years ago, when a colleague of mine told me about this alternative source of income. Then I joined some Forex courses and thematic groups in Facebook. I made my first profit in 2011.”

FXOpen: “How did you learn about the ForexCup forex-contests? Have you ever participated in contests organised by other brokers?”
Winner: “I came across ForexCup when surfing one of my favorite forums. I’ve also participated in other brokers’ contests, but I was not lucky there.”

FXOpen: “What in your opinion, are the pros and cons of ForexCup competitions?”
Winner: “What I like about ForexCup most is that there is no need to deposit any money. The rules are clear and simple and the rewards are worth fighting for. Personally, I see no disadvantages.”

FXOpen: “This Championship was one of the biggest ForexCup events. What made you join this competition?”
Winner: “I should say that it was a real challenge for me. I knew there would be hundreds of participants and strong competitors from all Asian countries. But in the end I came second– and I assure you, I had no idea that I could win.”

FXOpen: “How did you make your trading decisions? Were they informed, risk averse or did your actively pursue risk?”
Winner: “Most of my trading decisions are based on technical analysis, so, I have to think them over carefully. But as a human being I make risky decisions at times.”

FXOpen: “According to the contest statistics, a large percentage of trades were made on GBPJPY– is it your favorite trading tool? Why did you choose it? What other instruments do you prefer trading?”
Winner: “EURUSD is my favorite currency pair, but it is not that volatile, so, I settled on GBPJPY. Sometimes I used EURJPY, even though it was more risky but high risk means high return. As for live trading, I opt for gold.”

FXOpen: “You had just a few losing trades. Did it take you long to work out a profitable strategy? If so, what is the essence of it?”
Winner: “From my point of view a profitable strategy should be based on careful analysis and risk management. When participating in the contest I used the mix of two strategies: KGBS TS-Kang Gun Buyer Seller Trading strategy and my own strategy, but I am still working on it.”

FXOpen: “You were awarded with a PAMM ECN account with a healthy deposit – Are you satisfied with this method of reward or would you prefer prize money only?”
Winner: “I’ve got my prize - that matters. And I am happy about being a PAMM ECN Account Manager.”

FXOpen: “Do you have any plans for how you will manage your PAMM ECN account?”
Winner: “Yes, I have some plans. I want to develop the account, enlarge the balance and attract investors to it.”

FXOpen: “Will you participate in forex-contests again, after such a great performance?”
Winner: “As soon as I have some free time, I will join ForexCup contests again.”

FXOpen: “What advice can you give to beginners and those who are planning to join ForexCup contests?”
Winner: “Do understand that you enter a risky world of Forex trading. Work on yourselves, control your emotions and try to avoid unnecessary risks. And remember that you can be successful only if you never give up – make it your motto. And I am sure, one day you will win!”

Best regards
FXOpen NZ Limited
Customer Service
FXOpen Live Chat (24/5)

Follow our Company News.
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