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Postby TKariuki » Tue Jul 05, 2016 1:47 pm

Hi guys,

I am sorry if you have seen this on another chat room but I have had to approach different chat rooms in order to get a large enough sample size and diversity of opinions. If you haven't seen it, it's an interesting read.

I have been doing research on the strategies used by online retail currency traders and have found that most of the studies out there don’t seem to focus on retail currency traders or look into them as a section of global currency traders. (Frommel, Hang, & Van Gysegem, 2015) (Neely & Weller, 2011) (Bank for International Settlements, 2011) and (Omrane, Bauwens, & Giot, 2003) are an example of such studies (you can check for the references to them below). The studies shown above represent many studies conducted on strategies used in currency trading that have a general view of who trades currencies.
Although there are some studies that point to online retail currency traders (which I can share in my literature review), they are simply not enough. Especially given the fact that the currency markets are more accessible today and online retail currency traders are increasingly becoming a key part of the global currency trade.

Another problem I found while conducting my research was that lot of research done on trading strategies fails to discuss the underlying reasons for choosing a trading strategy. Studies like Pukthuanthong-Le and Lee (2008) for instance used a database of currency futures from 1975 to 2006 to illustrate the existence of technical trading. Frommel Hang & Van Gysegem (2014) use models to establish a relationship between changing fundamentals and market volatility. Omrane, Bauwens & Giot (2003) look at intraday data within a certain framework and volatility models, to show spikes in volatility as a result of changing fundamentals. These studies point to certain strategies used in currencies but fail to show the underlying reason for their use. Even in studies like Cheung and Chinn (2001) that have a direct approach where they get information directly from surveys carried on institutional traders. The study doesn’t show why traders use certain strategies and not others.
All this has led me to believe that there is a need for information on retail currency traders, especially on the strategies they use and the reason for their use. If we are to move forward and reinvent ourselves there’s a need to understand where we stand and what motivates us.

This has motivated me to carry out a research to better understand retail currency traders, the strategies they use and the various factors behind their use. I believe that as a trading community we should build on our body of knowledge just as institutions carry extensive research on trends on their fields to help them move forward.


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