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Paid help for newbie forex investor

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Paid help for newbie forex investor

Postby David247 » Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:01 am


I am 27 and planning to invest some savings of about 120k. I chose forex market to invest a part of this .
The aim is to target about 5-10% ( approximately/hoping/dreaming) return monthly. I know I wont make money in all months.
But I want to use a tighter risk management to protect my capital
Help (Paid) I need :
1. Can you help me in developing a strategy for finding people to follow in social trading sites like etoro, zulutarde , currensee, tradency – This can be hourly pay or a profit sharing job .
2. If you offer a managed account or PAMM account I will be interested but I will need verifiable track record

Apart from these If anybody of you have any suggestions /interest to help a newbie investor to make some informed decisions please feel free to drop a note here or email to --here at stands for @

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Re: Paid help for newbie forex investor

Postby Shawnmichal » Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:53 am

David, first of all you should read more and more about forex trading. It is essential for all traders to make profit. You should concentrate on forex learning. Babypips School is the best website for forex learning, after having sufficient knowledge, you should think about investment.
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Re: Paid help for newbie forex investor

Postby FXAmateurTraderUK » Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:56 pm

Hi, it's great to hear that you want to begin forex trading but do not storm right in with $120k. As a newbie there is a high possibility of losing it. When I started (I use FXCM trading platform) is opened a demo account. I was very profitable for the first few weeks but before long, because I didn't understand what affected the markets, why they moved, and what sensible money management was I ended up going from the original (but imaginary because it is a demo account) 50k, up to over 100k, but then dropped to below 20k because when I lost, i would try to make it back bigger and just fail more.
Use a demo account with whatever platform you chose for a few weeks to get to grips with the buttons and how it works - you don't want to make the stupid mistakes I have learned from like selling when you want to buy.
Once you are comfortable, invest a small amount. From your 120k, invest maybe at MOST 1k, and then see how you do with that. When you are trading always keep abreast with the news and economic issues and make sure you don't just look at the small time frame graphs, keep your mind open that the market can move a LOT.
After my demo account, I was gifted an account for ~$160 and lost all that plus my next sum of investment due to not fully knowing what I was doing. I recently started again with $200, not being greedy, taking it slow and reading everything I can and I have profited. I don't like giving out figures but to show you how beneficial a sensible and up-to-date-with-the-news approach can be I will give you one for how profitable I have been in my newest demo account which has been open since the 24/09/12, the only other one I have had before this was the one i mention a minute ago. It started with 50k as standard with FXCM, I was up to 120k within two days through luck and lost 40k the next trading day. I have since been more sensible and am now on 164k. That's a profit (albeit imaginary) of 116k in nine days or if you prefer, 228% return on investment. This shows how beneficial a smart approach can be - I treat my real account the same way and am similarly successful.

If I could help you further and everything then I absolutely would, if you were going to pay for that then even better and if you would want me to manage your account then by all means I can. I can produce proof of my demo account. Good luck with your trading, I hope this helped. Let me know if there are anymore questions?
Regards, FXA

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