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News In Forex Trading

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News In Forex Trading

Postby david fx » Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:26 am

When we talk about Forex Trading, then we will not be separated from some of the things that support our activities in the world of trading. As well as the Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis. But in my article this time, I will talk about Fundamental Analysis, especially in choosing news that may affect the movement of the exchange itself.

If we are not careful in selecting the news, then of course you already know the result is not it? Well no more length, check out the description I will share news to you.

From some online media that provide news about the exchange, the possibility can reach more than 50 news, fundamental analysis that may affect the movement of the currency you are trading.

But not all of the news is significant influence, which some of them can make a currency move drastically. While others simply cause a stumbling block and not quite mean what makes us get extra profit trading. It is not an important issue if we have the intention to become a trader at any time that does not know the season.

Today when this article is no fundamental news about 10 noteworthy from the rate decision to change regarding employment issues and about other things. There is one key if we want to master the fundamentals Anlysis, is able to read and understand. To be able to know that a story is not important or necessary in-depth experience and knowledge. However, there are several websites that generous in giving criteria for every story he published, whether the news is not important, fairly important or very important. So blessed are we when get it.

Regarding the news that is not too important, you should ignore it and do not connect with your trading at all, because it is only going to give no significant effect on our trading. But for the news publishing things like Interest Rate and Employment Change, it is very dangerous if we ignore it. Regarding other news, you need to consider is that the currency pair will you trading

If you are trading currencies EUR / USD, then just watch the news about the country’s second currency course. However, if it appears the news about rising interest rates, but it comes from a country that had nothing to do with the economies of both countries, you better ignore it. Then there will be a question about any news that I need to consider and which ones do not need? Apart from the resume website you’re using, you also need to understand the important news related to trading you are running.

It is also necessary for you to know that only news the country in which currency would you trading that you need to consider. For example if you are trading the GBP / USD it is sufficient to look at the news from both the economies of both countries only. Although there is important news to be released today, but it was the news of the Italian state, for example, you should ignore it.

From the description above, at least you have to understand about any news that you need to understand. Look forward to the next article on the above findings the next time, which I will discuss more specifically.


david fx
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Re: News In Forex Trading

Postby kaito kid » Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:33 pm

I am using a dailly update from my broker for Market news for my forex trading activity.
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kaito kid
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Re: News In Forex Trading

Postby Deacy » Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:25 am

When I first started working, I tried some of the more unusual forex trading, like the NZD, and CAD. I didn't know anything about the forex trading, so I found myself watching details actions for a variety of countries, evaluating all way of charts, and losing my outfits in new and exclusive techniques. I got into offers after they'd already accepted and got hit by details actions I never noticed of.
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