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EUR/USD Sentiments - Updated Automatically and Continuously

Your today's views about EUR/USD-> Bullish Bearish or Neutral?

EUR/USD Sentiments - Updated Automatically and Continuously

Postby Himanshu » Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:58 pm

EUR/USD market sentiments. Please refresh the page to see changing values of percentages of long and short trading positions:

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Re: EUR/USD Sentiments - Updated Automatically and Continuou

Postby MetaNeural EA » Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:10 pm

The highlighted bars are indications of major weakness and they come at a level established for a couple months to be a strong resistance level. I would suspect that the market will rebound up temporarily, at least up to 1.3170 before any further down move is possible.

Remember this is short term, this downtrend will not be absorbed by the current stalling action but it will definitely delay it.

Notice the high volume on the highlighted bar closest to the right-hand side of the screen - this coupled with the close being almost in the middle of the bar means there was a significant amount of hidden buying. The 'smart money' (large institutional players) in the market hide there activity with hidden buying and selling.

DO NOT sell before a small move up.


The resistance created in the highlighted area from January must be broken before any further downmove can resume and the current bar configuration, namely the large volume and hidden buying in the bars depicted above, tells us there are not enough sellers present to push below the current level. BUY - temporarily.

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Re: EUR/USD Sentiments - Updated Automatically and Continuou

Postby pro4xtrader » Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:49 am

Im watching this heavy swap area, this area will surely have some bounce to earn some pips.
Demand area - 1.0692 - 1.0665 . Let me know your thoughts
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