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What Is The Best Forex Trading Strategy?

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What Is The Best Forex Trading Strategy?

Postby jonty fx » Sat Aug 03, 2013 3:36 pm

I can really relate to you as this reminds me of the time when
I started Forex Trading. See, Forex Trading is not all it is cracked up
to be.
All the brokers are advertising this quick money making skim,
open an account with $50 and make big money and other stuff that's
not true.
My advice is to find a good Forex forum or group that teaches
Forex newbies. I know a lot of people that are Forex indicators
worshipers, but I don't pay much attention to all that hype.
Most of the times indicators are just used by the broker as a
training tool or just to fill up their Forex training section.
In reality most of the indicators are lugging and are not
timely on the market.
Your Forex broker loves them as the indicators make you
pretty predictable. For example let's say the Forex broker is
propagating a indicator. This indicator is calling for buying
or selling when such and such lines are crossing. The indicator
is also calling shorts when the lines are crossing backwards.
This makes you very predictable and helps the broker to
execute in the opposite direction.
By the way it is not a secret, that the broker sits on the opposite
side of your trade, especially if the broker is not a ECN broker
and is not a price maker.
Forex Market is huge, but for a retail Forex Trader like yourself,
the market is only as big as your broker.
One more thing to be very careful is not to trade the news.
A lot of those Scam Forex Brokers are widening the spread
during news times. You will be surprised, but some of them
are going as far as 90pips spread. See, the broker looses
control during the news trading due to very high volumes
and the only way to control is to take you out of the game
with a wide spread.
I have even seen my stops taken before my entry, now that's
a roller coaster Forex.
The best Forex trading strategy for me is a Price Action Forex
strategy. Forex Support and Resistance strategy, Fibonacci Forex
strategy, Big Numbers Areas Forex Strategy.
For a Forex newbie, since I get asked a lot, I have found this
program to be pretty effective.
In any case take all the advice you can and good luck with your
Forex trading.
jonty fx
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Re: What Is The Best Forex Trading Strategy?

Postby JohnyJohnson » Thu Sep 19, 2013 6:16 pm

It really needs good luck because it is not very easy it looks to be, because it increase when it goes well otherwise the element of risk is badly involved in it.
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