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Our Managed Trading Signals Have a very well

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Our Managed Trading Signals Have a very well

Postby Eclipse » Thu Jan 05, 2012 7:02 am

here will be up to 6 algorithms on our core Eclipse FX_V6, perfectly diversified. You will be seeing 20-75 trades per day on extremely low low risk… 2 spike EA's/price action, 1 Asian scalper, 1 mini trend follower, 1 round the clock scalper, 1 break out possibly. We want to be in a position of a “neural network” where we flow, change, and adjust according to daily market fluctuations, and if needed add a component to the system on the fly as a day by day disciplined approach. This is an intraday system that is well diversified and well thought out.

Most managers use ONE ea or ONE trading philosophy, which is very very risky. We prefer the diversified approach with several good systems, this way if one ea does go stale or its not the right market for it, we can change it up or remove it without causing damage to the account. Our track record speaks for itself. Numbers don’t lie. We strive for longevity and consistency, and we live to see another day, which is the most important part of the whole business; so we stick to the strategy through trying periods. Traders that change up when there’s a dry period will always lose in the end as they jump on the next profitable curve which is likely nearing its crash.

We have learned over the last 14 years this is the best method for leveraging and managing money. We have 4 people watching the trading, a back office software team continuing the re-tooling and tweeking needed to be as naural of system as possible.

In closing, our Managed Trading Signals have a very well defined entry and our trading system is based around proven support and resistance levels. Our professional Traders monitor the signals and adhere at all times to the company's approved trading methodology which has been developed and used over the past 4 Years. We want to assure you that our approach to money management is sound and diligent one leaned by experience over the lifelong process of continued education, testing and consistency, and that all client funds are looked after and treated like a baby. Our trading methodology allows you the confident assurance that you wont have to "babysit" your account 24/7 so that you can sleep well at night, and you account will live to see another day.

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