EUR/JPY In Support Zone – Forex Chart Alert

July 27, 2013 in Chart Alert

On one hand the strong fall of EUR/JPY to 130.08 suggests further consolidation bit on the other hand the price action is in a support zone. These support zone combined with the psychological support of 130.00 may prove to be strong and hence a cautious approach of waiting and watching is required till a break does not take place.

Instead of using words, let the charts talk about these support and resistance levels.

EUR/JPY and 200-period SMA on 4-hourly chart

EUR/JPY - 200 period support on 4 hourly chart

EUR/JPY and short-term trend line support (daily chart)

EUR/JPY near trend line support

EUR/JPY and 22-week EMA support (weekly chart)

EURJPY- support near 22 week EMA

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