AUD/USD And Psychological 0.9000

June 30, 2013 in Chart Alert

AUD/USD has been falling without any stops since the interest rate decision came. We had covered this in this chart alert of the currency pair.

The pair is approaching 0.9000 and a strong psychological support would be expected in those ranges. But what if that support also fails?

The chart below indicates various retracement levels and we would expect that AUDUSD may target 0.8767 to 0.8790 range in case the support over 0.9000 does not hold.

Please note that in the following chart we have considered the low as 0.8067 while in the previous chart alert we had considered the low as 0.8082. The pair had been in a volatile sideways mode during those 3 weeks. The low of that range was 0.8067 and the low of the last week of that range was 0.8082. The retracements levels are indicative and there is no exact science behind those and hence this difference.

AUD/USD and retracements

AUDUSD retracement levels

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1 response to AUD/USD And Psychological 0.9000

  1. I have a short position with this pair to target 0.9001, can my target be reach?