Be Prepared for What Can Go Wrong


Things which can go wrong in your forex trading career.Every trade position you take will have an inbuilt uncertainty. Countless things can go wrong. Once you finish the FxTides School of Forex Trading, you will have learned all the tricks of the trades and you will be well equipped to face the market wave. You will be able to analyze the market to be able to trade successfully. But no trader can take out the uncertainty level completely. It remains there. Some of your positions will still be bound to go south - against you. However, the biggest road block between you and the success will not be anything else but YOU, yourself.


Before you go ahead with learning the ropes of trading the Forex market, you need to take a pause to learn yourself - to see what can still go wrong even after all the knowledge. Go through the following topics carefully and keep on referring these all the way - these cannot be learned in one shot but need to be practiced all the way:


Trading Psychology and Discipline


We all are built in different way. We all think in different ways - too optimistic - too pessimistic - too cautious - too instant. Well, the market does not follow us - the market does not adopt to our whims and fancies. We need to adopt to it. The psychological fine-tuning and a strict discipline in trading is a MUST. 


Mass Psychology


This is not exactly something which is in your control but when we are talking about psychology, lets talk a bit about this also as an understanding of how the masses thing and affect the market is equally important.


Common Trading Mistakes


We all do make mistakes. Many of those are common, which many of us can make. The most important thing is to know about those, in order to be able to avoid those.


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