3.24 "Three White Soldiers" and the "Three Black Crows" - Another "Three Musketeers!"

Three White Soldiers and Three Black Crows are again trend reversal patterns. The Three white soldierspatters emerge during downtrends and the three black crows patterns emerge during an uptrend.

Three White Soldiers

Three white soldiers pattern on a Forex chart.
Three White Soldiers, as shown in the above Forex chart, is a bullish reversal pattern that is made up of a trio of long green candles during a downtrend, each appearing after the other, opening within the range of the previous period and closing near the current period’s high.
This pattern is all about a complete rout of the bears who had forced the market down to unrealistic levels. The bulls launch a massive offensive that, session after session for three consecutive sessions, feeds on its own momentum, decimating any bears still left in the fray. Please note that the session is not necessary a trading session but the period of the candle. On a daily chart this would mean a day and on an hourly chart it would be equal to 1 hour.
Please note that on black & white trading charts, the green candles are replaced by white candles and hence the name “Three WHITE Soldiers”. Soldiers signify a march ahead or the upward momentum.

Three Black Crows

Three black crows pattern on a Forex chart.
Three Black Crows, as shown above on a trading chart, is a bearish reversal pattern that is made up of a trio of long red candles, each appearing after the other during an uptrend. These three consecutive bearish candles during a strong uptrend signal a strong reversal of the market sentiments and hence the trend.
Here the price action is the reverse of the White Soldiers pattern and is all about the bears trumping the rally and putting the bulls in full flight. 
Please note that on black & white trading charts, the red candles are replaced by black ones and hence the name “Three BLACK crows”. If you are planning to ask “why crows?”, forget it. You need to call it something, right? Why not crows then?

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