2.13 The Troika of Forex Analysis

Troika: A word from Russian meaning 'group of three'.
And yes, there is a group of three forces which move the Forex market - in face most of the markets.
Three types of analyis for forex trading.
With the basics out of the way, and you raring to get to the next level, it’s time for strategy. How do decide What to trade and When to Trade
The answer – market analysis. You need to study the market from three points of view, or let’s say three kinds of analysis are at your disposal.
  • Fundamental analysis


  • Technical analysis


  • Sentiment analysis
We’ll take you through these in the following chapters. A common and vexed question – which of these is the best? We suggest you develop a firm grip on all three, and use them together, because one may confirm or negate the other. That makes for better judgment!

However, each of us will probably have a favorite from the three – no harm done, just don’t forget the others. 

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  • The Troika of Forex Analysis



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