4.4 Recap -Leading and Lagging Indicators

Forex leading and lagging indicators.
Let’s just run through all that we covered on leading and lagging indicators.
I know you find this boring, but we’ll chalk it all up to the effort you need to make to become a crack trader, for sniping pips at will from the FX market!




Leading Lagging


Gives a signal before the new trend or  reversal takes place


Gives a signal after the new trend or reversal is in place


Stochastic oscillator, RSI, Parabolic SAR


MACD, Moving averages
Pros & Cons


Quick to get you into the trend, but many fakeouts


Late to get you into the trend, but more reliable. However, during small corrections, by the time signal comes, a reversal may already be in place. 


As we move forward we’ll refine our use of these indicators by learning to accurately assess the market situation and then selecting the right tool from among these.

Let's move ahead and learn about all these mentioned indicators and more.


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