1.18 Currency Pair Quotes in 2 or 4 decimal points

Forex quote list example.There are no hard and fast rules behind quoting a currency pair in 2 or 4 decimal points. However, simply speaking, if a currency is valued against any of the major currenciesCurrency pairs with different decimal places by multiple times then the quote will generally be only up to 2 or 3 decimal points. To repeat, there is no fixed rule but we can assume that if the value of one currency is 50 or more times up or down any of the major currencies then all the currency pairs involving such currencies may be quoted in 2 decimal points.
For example the Japanese yen against all major currencies has a huge difference. Historically USD/JPY has never gone lower than 75.36, which was during October 2011. What it means is that even during it’s bottom the dollar was 75.36 times the Japanese yen.
Similarly since euro came into circulation EUR/JPY's lowest conversion rate was 94.12 during July 2012. Compare these against EUR/USD which has been moving between 1 and 2 (1 euro = between 1 to 2 dollars) or U.S. dollar vs. Turkish Lira between 1 and 3. Similar to Japanese yen, Indian Rupee against the U.S. dollar and all other major currencies except the yen has a huge difference. The record low of USD/INR was when 1 USD equaled 39 Indian Rupees during 2007. The currency pairs with INR are also quoted in 2 decimal digits. You can refer the screen–shot of currency quotes on the left hand side for a general idea. You will notice one exception that USD/TBH and USD/TWD are both in the range of 30 to 35 but USD/TWD has 4 decimal points while USD/TBH has 2 decimal points. 
Among major currencies only Japanese yen pairs are quoted in 2 decimal points and rest all in 4 decimal digits.
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