1.13 New York Trading Session

New York Forex trading session market hours.


This is the bid daddy of financial centers – the Big Apple, in other words, the city of New York!


This is the place that can really move the U.S. dollar, which as you know from a few chapters ago, is an 85% slice of the Forex pie chart. So news, and moves, out of New York can cause major upheavals in the FX market, particularly during those hours when both London and New York are open for Forex business. The New York session starts at 8:00 AM EST or 1:00 PM GMT.


New York – quick check


  • Major U.S. news flow and economic data are released around the time New York opens – so markets can really move during this session.The Big Apple - North American trading hours


  • New York session has a long overlap time with London session. The Forex market sees its highest liquidity and volatility during the time when both London and New York are open.


  • The period after the London close is a quieter time in New York.


  • Fridays may see corrections and reversals in the afternoon as careful traders wind up positions they might not like to carry over the weekend.


  • This session is heavily influenced by the American stock and bond markets and currencies will often move closely in step with those markets.


What to trade


Just about anything, because there is enough liquidity and depth in the market. It is advisable however to stick with the more liquid pairs to minimize trading costs due to spreads. The USD pairs should be in focus if some major economic data is scheduled to be released from the United States. The U.S. session starts during early afternoon in Europe and hence there is a good overlapping of the trading in the U.S. with Europe and hence EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF need special focus as the economic events from the Europe will also be in the play.


London – New York Overlap


This is the period no Forex trader worth his salt would like to miss out on! With both the world’s major financial centers open, the Forex markets are literally humming with activity. Major news flow from both America and Europe (late hours) impacts the markets. With tight, tight spreads, speculators and day-traders all over the world try to grab a few pips trading the market. Any trends that started out of Tokyo and London based on overnight events may be seized upon by New York traders looking to get onto the band wagon.


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  • New York Session




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