1.15 Best Days of the Week for Forex Trading

Days of the week to make best profits in Forex trading. 

A trading week can be compared to a normal day or our normal life. We get up, have a cup of coffee thinking and planning our day. Get ready and go to work place (or school ), do some real work, come back home and take it easy while thinking a bit about the next day. The morning can be compared to the initial days of the trading week, especially Mondays, the middle of the week can be considered our day time of some real work and the Fridays, especially the late Friday can be considered as the evenings.


After checking the best time of the day to trade Forex, let's also see which days of the week offer the potential to be most profitable. The best days of the week to trade are those which show good intra-day movement, best measured by the pip range for the day. And as per the above example these days are generally the middle of the week i.e. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 


Here’s a graphical representation of the day-wise pip range of a few major pairs:


Price movement of forex pairs on different days of the week. 


It’s clear that we would want to trade mostly during the middle of the week from Tuesday to Thursday. These are the days one would see a good trading range accompanied with decent volumes. Though there are a few spikes on Fridays, there might not be comparable volumes considering that U.S. liquidity tapers off during the second half of the trading session.


Please note that here we have considered an average week. If a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is coming after a major holiday season then even those days will turn out as our average Monday.


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  • Best Days of the Week to Trade Forex


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