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USD/CHF Analysis - June 15, 2015

Current Exchange Rate : 0.9361 at the time of analysis update.

Intraday outlook:  Neutral for USD/CHF

USD/CHF jumped up strongly during the past one hour but considering the fact that the current price action is close to the resistance line of the ascending price channel, we stay neutral for the currency pair even though we expect an upward breakout of this channel.



On the upside the critical resistance is in the range of 0.9390 to 0.9400. This resistance zone is especially critical from the psychological point of view also because of the entry in 0.9500 ranges. However, a break over this resistance will also represent a breakout of the channel and in that case we would expect a test of 0.9480 to 0.9500 resistance zone and then possibly 200-day moving average which is currently at 0.9544.


USD/CHF Daily and Hourly Charts

USD/CHF Hourly Chart      

USD/CHF analysis -hourly chart - June 15, 2015

USD/CHF Daily Chart      

USD/CHF technical analysis - daily chart - June 15, 2015




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USD/CHF Interest Rate Comparison
(For Carry Trades)
U.S. dollar (USD) interest rate
Swiss franc (CHF) interest rate
USD/CHF interest Rate Comparison

USD/CHF Resistance and Support with Daily Pivot Points (Values at GMT 00:00)

Last Updated (Monday, 15 June 2015 06:39) GMT

Standard Pivot Point for USD/CHF Fibonacci Pivot Point for USD/CHF Woodie Pivot Point for USD/CHF Camarilla Pivot Point for USD/CHF
R3 0.9548 R3 0.9469     R3 0.9369
R2 0.9469 R2 0.9412 R2 0.9471 R2 0.9355
R1 0.9399 R1 0.9377 R1 0.9403 R1 0.9342
Pivot 0.932 Pivot 0.932 Pivot 0.9322 Pivot 0.932
S1 0.925 S1 0.9263 S1 0.9254 S1 0.9314
S2 0.9171 S2 0.9228 S2 0.9173 S2 0.9301
S3 0.9101 S3 0.9171     S3 0.9287
Open 0.9339 Open 0.9339 Open 0.9339 Open 0.9339
High 0.9391 High 0.9391 High 0.9391 High 0.9391
Low 0.9242 Low 0.9242 Low 0.9242 Low 0.9242
Close 0.9328 Close 0.9328 Close 0.9328 Close 0.9328

USD/CHF Correlations with other currency majors

Notes and caution about Forex analysis for USD/CHF

The daily USD/CHF analysis is not just based on technical indicators but also takes into account the overall price action and other aspects which can affect the Forex market in general and USD/CHF price action specifically. Please also note that many times the price mentioned at the time of analysis update maybe different than the entry level suggested. These positions would mean limit orders for buying or short-selling. Hence please do not treat this analysis just as trading signals for USD/CHF.

However, please note that the analysis reflects our views about the currency market based various factors. Forex trading is a speculative market and the price may always have unpredictable moves. We cannot take the responsibility for any losses dues to and positions taken based on our views.

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