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USD/CHF (US Dollar - Swiss Franc) outlook and forecast is presented by the team of ForexAbode's analysts and is followed by the traders around the world. The outlook takes into account the various factors which can affect the future price action of USD/CHF. The factors to analyze the outlook are geo-political news, fundamentals including major economic releases and technical factors but most importantly we focus on the price-action analysis.
The outlook reflects our views for short-term to mid-term movement. However, sometimes the analysis takes into account the price-data which may span many years and have a longer-term view. This is also supported by our very popular chart alerts.
The weekly analysis includes the predictions for the next week's expected moves for the US dollar and the Swiss franc. However, the forecast is not only limited to the coming week but is applicable for the overall expectations for the near-term. Apart from the weekly forecasts we also update USD/CHF daily technical analysis which presents our views about the price action from short-term perspective.
You may also like to check the daily resistance and support levels at USD/CHF pivot points and the overall trend of the currency pair.

USD/CHF Caught Between 38.2% And 50% Retracement Levels

Written By : forexabode || 2013-02-24 06:21:49 GMT

USD/CHF had seen a strong down trend during the beginning of June 2010 and August 2011. The currency pair had fallen from the high of 1.7731 to 0.7069. The upward consolidation of this downward move gad found strong resistance near 61.8% retracement level and the currency pair had fallen below the 50% retracement of the same move. Since then this 50% retracement had turned into a resistance.

USD/CHF Weekly Outlook - Feb 24, 2013

Written By : || 2013-02-24 00:00:00 GMT

US Dollar-Swiss Franc (USD/CHF) found support at 0.9184 and then as high as 0.9333 and fell into sideways mode before closing for the week at 0.9296. Our overall outlook for USD/CHF stays bearish and the we are taking this recent upward jump just as correction. Even if the pair breaks above the recent 0.9333, on the upside we expect a strong resistance near/below 0.9389. Please check this USD/JPY update regarding the same.

USD/CHF Near The 200-Day Moving Average Resistance

Written By : forexabode || 2013-02-21 12:40:53 GMT

Since September 11th when USD/CHF had broken below the support of 200-day moving average, the earlier support has been proving to be a strong resistance. For nearly five and a half months USD/CHF has not broken over this resistance. There have been 4 attempts to test this resistance and out of that one attempt failed almost at that level. The current price is 0.9330 and the current 200-day moving average is at 0.9346.

USD/CHF Hesitating Near 55-Day EMA Resistance

Written By : forexabode || 2013-02-12 03:56:50 GMT

This alert is in continuation of the previous alert about USD/CHF. USD/CHF is hesitating after an effort to break over the 55-day EMA resistance and is mainly staying below that level. A decisive break over the recent 0.9214 may bring some further consolidation towards the 61.8% retracement i.e. towards 92.50 but in case the resistance holds and a break below 0.9153 takes place then some deeper moves can be seen. USD/CHF Daily Chart

USD/CHF Weekly Outlook - Feb 10, 2013

Written By : || 2013-02-10 00:00:00 GMT

US Dollar-Swiss Franc (USD/CHF) did not break below 0.9022. The currency pair jumped up strongly and went as high as 0.9201 before closing for the week at 0.9176. The strong jump is suggestive of the strong psychological support of 0.9000 level. Though the overall outlook of USD/CHF stays bearish but the immediate outlook has become neutral and we expect some extended sideways moves above 0.9000 initially.

USD/CHF Breaks The Support

Written By : forexabode || 2013-02-06 01:15:45 GMT

After a brief test of 0.9022 the psychological support of 0.9000 ranges was keeping the currency pair in a side ways mode for past few days. The price action channel is just broken. This indicates that the pair may go further down to test 0.9022 and possibly below 0.9000. USD/CHF Daily Chart

USD/CHF Weekly Outlook - Feb 03, 2013

Written By : || 2013-02-03 00:00:00 GMT

US Dollar-Swiss Franc (USD/CHF) broke below the support mentioned during last week i.e. 0.9222 and then moved further down as we had indicated but then the pair even broke below 0.9110 and went as low as 0.9022 before closing for the week at 0.9081.

USD/CHF Finds Resistance Ahead Of 200 Day Moving Average

Written By : himanshu || 2013-01-27 02:52:16 GMT

USD/CHF had broken over December 7, 2012's high of 0.9383 which had proved to be a strong resistance during last month. The currency pair's rise to as high as 0.9389 had indicated some neat-term bullish sentiments and possibilities of testing the psychological 0.9500 level at the first glance.

USD/CHF Weekly Outlook - Jan 19, 2013

Written By : || 2013-01-19 00:00:00 GMT

US Dollar-Swiss Franc (USD/CHF) did not only retested 0.9176 but broke over the mentioned 0.9287 and then December 7th's resistance of 0.9383 to go as high as 0.9389. The upward moves could not sustain and after dropping to 0.9304 the currency pair closed at 0.9341 for the week. The resistance just 6 pips above the key resistance of 0.9383 keeps our immediate outlook for USD/CHF neutral.

USD/CHF Stuck Between Key Supports And Resistances - Short Update

Written By : forexabode || 2013-01-13 04:27:32 GMT

USD/CHF fell again and very strongly to as low as 0.9110 to indicate the bearish sentiments. However the price action since middle of September 2012 clearly indicate a lack of direction.

Interest Rate difference of USD and CHF

USD to CHF Interest Rates Comparison
(For Carry Trades)
US Dollar (USD) interest rate
Swiss franc (CHF) interest rate
USD/CHF interest rate comparison

Overall Price-Action Trend of USD/CHF 

Monthly chart of USD/CHF, indicating the overall trend.

The above chart shows that USD/CHF is once again testing the long-term price-action channel resistance. However considering the loss of downward momentum since the pair had gone for some correction during September 2011 and then has been staying well over 0.8500, the possibilities of an upward break are good. A break above November 2013's 0.9249 would represent that break. Such a move may take USD/CHF for some significant upward consolidation.

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