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GBP/JPY Fundamental Analysis & Economic Strength Meter - August 17, 2014

GBP/JPY fundamental analysis is updated weekly. This is mainly derived from the recent major economic releases and news. The GBP/JPY economic strength meter at the bottom shows the relative strength or weakness of the recent economic releases and news from the U.K. and Japan, which may affect the relative strength of British pound versus Japanese yen.

GBP/JPY - Recent economic releases

Economic Fundamentals from the U.K.

GBP: Claimant Count Change: -33.6K and though better than the expected -30.0K but was poor as compared to the previous -39.5K. However the claimant count rate dropped from 3.1% to 3.0%.(-0.1%) 
GBP: Average Earnings (3 months/year): The change in the earnings including bonus was -0.2% and negative as compared to the consensus as well as the previous 0.4%. Same with the earnings excluding bonus which came out to be 0.6% against the previous and expected 0.7%.
GBP: ILO Unemployment Rate: 6.4%, same as the consensus and better than the previous 6.5%.
GBP: Gross Domestic Product (Q2 - preliminary): Year-over-year change was 3.2% and positive as compared to the consensus as well as the previous 3.1%.

Economic Fundamentals from Japan

JPY: Consumer Confidence Index: 41.5, though less than the expected 42.3 but was slightly more than the previous 41.1. However any reading below 50 indicates bearish sentiments.
JPY: Machine Tools Orders - preliminary (YoY): 37.7% against the previous 34.1%.
JPY: Industrial Production (YoY): 3.1% against the previous 1.0%.
JPY: Gross Domestic Product (Q2) - preliminary: The annualized GDP was -6.8% and though better than the expected -7.1% but was quite poor as compared to the previous 6.1%. The quarter-over-quarter change was -1.7% against the previous 1.5%.
JPY: Machinery Orders (YoY): -3.0%, though quite less than the expected 3.3% but the data was much better than the previous -14.3%.

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GBP/JPY fundamental outlook - Economic strength meter - August 17, 2014.
GBP/JPY fundamental outlook based of recent economic releases GBP/JPY fundamental outlook based on the relative strength of the economic releases.

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