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Unlike the daily analysis, the weekly Forex forecast is not just technical analysis but we also consider fundamentals, economic releases and general market sentiments along with technical factors for the same. However, the main aspects of the weekly outlook is on the price-action. The weekly forecast is updated on the weekends and consists of the overall outlook with expected resistance and suppor levels. We suggest to keep an eye on this overall outlook even while taking short term positions.

Our Weekly Forex outlook is currently for the following currency pairs which cover majority of global Forex trades:


Weekly Forecast For Major Forex Pairs And Trading Strategies


In future we wish to add more currency pairs for both the daily Forex analysis signals as well as weekend Forex forecasts/strategies.

Forex - Trading Volume 

The following figure shows approximate volumes of share of trades of various currency pairs. It is always good to know, which pairs get traded more and which are not traded much. Please also note that the volatility of the price action has nothing to do with the volumes of trading. You will find that the trading volume of GBPJPY is not much but the currency pair generally has a quite high volatility.

*Source: BIS (Bank of International Settlements) survey.

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