Trading Platforms And Operating Systems

Written by Himanshu Jain

If the trading platform is not browser or Java based then you may wish to check if it works with the operating system (OS) which you are using. You may also like to check which versions of the operating system are supported by the platform.

Forex Platform for Desktop/Laptops OR Mobile Devices

Forex Platforms for Desktops:

1) Platforms supporting Windows OS

2) Platforms for Mac

3) Forex platforms supporting Linux

Trading on Mobile Phone:

In case you also like to trade with hand held devices like mobile phones or IPads then you may have platform supporting the following:

1) Forex platform for iPhone and iPads

2) Forex platforms supporting Blackberry

3) Forex platform for Google Android

Forex Platform for Desktop/Laptops AND Mobile Devices

If you trade on handheld devices (mobile devices) that does not mean that you will always be trading only on that device. When you are on the move, you may be tradingForex trading platforms - trading accident onyour Android based cell phone or your iPad but you may not be trading on the same device you are at your home or work place and trading while sipping a cup of coffee ...we don't recommend mixing beer with trading as the results may be similar to mixing drinking and driving...

So when you are sitting in the comfort of your home office or living room and trading, you may be using some other operating system on your not so mobile device i.e. laptop or desktop.  You may like to see if your trading platform works on both kinds of devices.

It is always better to have a platform which is compatible with diversified operating system and is more versatile so that you do not have to look for changing your Forex broker if you decide to change your operating system in future.

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