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Selection of Forex Broker

Selection of the right Forex broker is very important. The selection depends of various criteria and these criteria can differ from person to person and country to country. Some of the major factors are safety, speed, ease, ability to take care of trader's constrains (language etc) and other value added features.

Some of the criteria may be common for the selection of a reputed and good Forex broker. On one side we can check available Forex broker reviews to find the best broker for us, we can also check recommendations for forex but then some of the criteria may depend on the individual need and our own assessment to find the best broker and that may simply be not possible by just the Forex broker reviews.

Considering the above, please find the selection some of the main selection criteria. Please select the suitable options from the dropdown menu and then press find to get a list of the Forex brokers as per your requirements.

Please click on the links of the shortlisted brokers to find more details about them.

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1) It is not required to select all fields. Please select the fields which are important to you. Help for the selection fields is towards the bottom of this page.

2) Some of the fields like spreads and withdrawal processing time are always better to be as low as possible but are still included in the selection criteria as it is possible that the Fx broker has other criteria which is better for you but may be weaker in these areas and you may be willing to compromise on these. The main point to keep these fields here is to indicate what all we should check before selecting a Forex broker.

Comparison of Online Forex Brokers

Once you find the brokers according to the selection criteria, you can compare the brokers to get the details side by side and to do the final short-listing. Please go to Forex Broker Comparison and select the brokers to compare.

Forex Broker Reviews

You may write or read any reviews of the brokers after you go the individual page of the broker. You may also send your queries to multiple Forex brokers for any required clarifications. For this you may use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Tips for Selecting Forex Broker

Selection of a good Forex broker is the first important step before we start our trading. It is important from the point of views of security of funds, convenience, support and as better profitability as possible by having good spreads. One Forex broker may not be good for everyone because every individual trader may have some specific needs. Not only that but the factors like countries and languages etc also become factors which may make one broker good for some traders but not as good for some other traders.

We can always change the broker if our selection proves to be not so good but frequently changing a broker is not just inconvenient but a waste of time and hence unprofitable.

We have compiled some points under the following sections:

1) Selection of Forex Broker - The Why factor: This section talks about the case when we wish to change our existing Forex broker and in that case what all points we should consider.

2) Selection of Forex Broker - The how factor: This section talks about the three important steps in selecting a broker and also some of the main factors to be considered when we choose a broker for our Forex trading.

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Further Help For Broker Selection

If you have further questions or need any further clarifications to take a decision, please fill out the following contact form. Your questions will directly go to the Fx brokers who chose to answer any queries. They will directly answer you. We are providing this facility because a direct contact to satisfy all of your queries isalways important before making any decision:

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