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Advertising for Forex/Financial websites/Businesses:

Success is always mutual. We will put all our best efforts to make to add values to our visitors and hence to the selected Advertising partners receives high quality and extremely targeted traffic which comes mainly from search engines, online directories, networking and Forex related site and Forex forums.

Type of Visitors:

We have a mixed of visitor profiles i.e. both existing Forex traders, beginners and people who are thinking about starting Forex Trading. We manage this mix with the different kind of contents e.g. daily technical analysis for short-term traders, week end analysis for longer-term traders, trading tools e.g. innovative correlation pages which give a comparison as to how the correlation is changing as compared to longer-term values, pivot points etc and enriching educational contents which is written in simple ways.

Repetitive Visitors:

As the analysis is updated every day and on the weekends and immediate email alerts are sent to ever growing registered user base, daily repeat visits take place. The updates are also posted on social networks. attracts visitos from 139 countries (August, 2011). The % distribution of visitors is as follows. Please note that this data is as on August 2011:

Advertising Rates:

Advertising rates are quite moderate, making your Forex advertisements an effective marketing tool. Buying Forex advertisements (banners or text link) will bring you only high quality targeted visitors.

Models of advertising:

There is a good choice of advertising with some innovative ideas like giving a complete dedicated page (for maximum 5 to 6 partners) to you with the link prominently placed on the top menu and also resource box. And then multiple choice of banners and text links.

Following types of Forex advertisements are currently available. Unless otherwise mentioned, all placements are dedicated (exclusive) on all the pages of the website (over 150 pages). By exclusive we mean that only one partner’s banner for that place holder.

Home Page - homepage
Pages Other than Homepage - other than home
Advertizing- Options and Placements (Tentative)

Details of Above Items:

Item No Type Notes
1 Top Banner Dedicated banner on all over 150 pages for only one partner
2 Right side square banner Dedicated banner on all over 150 pages for only one partner
3 Right side Text links Dedicated 2 text links in this space on all over 150 pages
4 Recommended Resources place holder on the center of the home page 4 to 5 Text links on the center of the home page. Also the links to the dedicated pages as in item # 6 of this table
5 Right hand side long banner Dedicated banner on all over 150 pages for only one partner
6 Dedicated page links on the top menu Please see details below this table
7 Square banner on left hand side Dedicated banner on all over 150 pages for only one partner
8 Square banner on left hand side Dedicated banner on home page for only one partner
9 Square banner on Top-Left location of pages Dedicated banner on over 150 pages (except the home page) for only one partner
10 Left hand side banner / text links Dedicated banner/text links on over 150 pages (except the home page) In case of the banner it is for only one partner

Advertizing on Discussion Forum:

Item Type Notes
1 Paid Sticky Threads You may post anything about Forex Trading with links
2 Dedicated Sub-Forum Your own sub forum. You can create as many threads as you like there and also moderate the subforum as you like.

Note About Dedicated Pages:

We shall offer you an exclusive page to you. You will have the username and password to maintain your exclusive page. You may put any relevant contents which you feel will add value and make visitors to visit your website.

We will be very selective for this option and will offer this facility to carefully selected maximum 5 to 6 partners. The link to these pages will be in a drop down menu in the middle of the Top Menu Bar. Please contact us to know about our efforts to see that visitors visit your page.

Success is always mutual. We will put all our best efforts to make add values to our visitors and our partners

For becoming our advertizing partner, please contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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